Friday, July 25, 2014


My day started with me waking up without hitting my snooze button.  WHAT?!  Yeah.  That happened.

I was excited, thinking I'd get a slightly earlier start to my day.  I was early enough to take the good bus (the one that doesn't have people who yell at nobody or hit themselves or smell particularly badly).  5 minutes, here it comes.  3 minutes!  1 minute!  Arriving!  20 minutes?  Wait, what??!!


My bus didn't come.

When I looked up to see where my non-good bus, I knew I was too slow to catch it and then it was another long wait for THAT one.

Instead, I waited for the good bus for 20 minutes.  I also decided then would be a good time to download Uber because I have a coupon (I know people...or one guy).  But it was taking forEVER to download and by the time my bus came 20 minutes later it still hadn't downloaded.

I got to the office 30 minutes later than normal rather than my planned 15 minutes earlier.  <<< petulant sulk >>>  Fortunately, startups tend not to have set start and end times, so nobody really cares except me.

After a few hours of work, we took a break to sing Happy Birthday and have....FOUR different kinds of cake!  You know how, when you get a group of people to sing Happy Birthday, it always sounds terrible?

Not at:
1.) A music teacher staff meeting
2.) A music startup company

It was pretty awesome to hear a group that large sing that well.

Did I eat a giant slice of cake for lunch?


I then packed up my stuff and went to job #2.

It was hot.

Not FRESNO hot, but definitely San Francisco hot.  By the time I got to my next job, I was a hot mess.  Literally.  At least I carry around a folding fan for such occasions.

After our meeting, we went upstairs for a party/happy hour.

On my way home, while waiting for the bus, there was a parade of bicyclists.  I got waved at, seeing as how I was the only person on the street waiting for the bus, and there were no other people around.  I saw two naked guys wearing top hats.  Does it count as "naked" if you're wearing a jaunty hat?  All I could think was, 1.) I feel like that must be uncomfortable and 2.) I wouldn't want to be the bicyclist behind these guys.

Good motivation to be at the front of the pack.

I also ran into a friend on the bus on my way home.

I had intentions of exercising, but have decided that it is too hot and I ate and drank too much to exercise.

Ah, San Francisco.  Your days are so odd.  :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things just got musical

My freshman year of college, I was submerged into my Music Theory class.

I lived with two sorority girls (don't know how THAT happened), one of whom was nice and the other was...less so.

I have a vivid memory of sitting at my desk, doing my music theory homework, and quietly humming to myself.  That's the thing about music theory homework: you need to sing a little bit and probably don't realize you're doing it.  (This made finals and midterms especially comical.)

All of a sudden, she yelled, "CAN YOU STOP THAT?!"

I had no idea what she was talking about.


"Oh.  Sorry, I was doing my music homework.  I didn't realize I was singing."

<<< insert sad face here >>>

Friday, July 11, 2014


It's my birthday today!

I think you should wish me a happy birthday.

I started my new job on the 1st of the month.  It is awesome.  I feel incompetent and stupid every day, even though I know I'm not...which just affirms to me that I'm surrounded by intelligence.  If I'm the stupid one of the group, then the group is pretty dang smart!

It's just the learning curve.  I know it's to be expected.  I know I should be patient with myself.  I know I'd never be as demanding of another person as I am of myself.  But still.  I want to know everything RIGHT NOW and be awesome at everything THE FIRST TIME!  :D

Spoken like a true overachiever with a problem.

It's a great job, though.  I really like it.  It feels like I'm spending my day getting paid to learn a new hobby, which is GREAT.  It's demanding of the skills I have but in the fun challenging way I enjoy.  Besides, if it were way easy on day 1 I doubt I'd enjoy or respect it.

Since I have a July birthday, I grew up not having my birthday in school.  Since I was a teacher, I also...spent my birthdays outside of school.  While this is only my 2nd week, I was excited to have my birthday at a place for once!


I refrained from wearing my cake hat that lights up.  I mean, 2nd week and all.

(That's not the real reason.  I didn't want to take this giant hat on the bus because I carry so much stuff with me already!)

Monday, June 30, 2014

New Job!

My new job begins tomorrow!

I'm excited.

Like...the day before school excited.  But not the day-before-school-as-a-teacher excited, but day-before-school-as-a-student excited.

I resisted the urge to buy myself new school supplies.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Great Week - It's Coming!

This week has been a metaphorical sigh of relief.

JOB #1 - I got a promotion and raise!  This job isn't glamorous, but it's easy to do and the people are nice and very smart.  My promotion makes me "specialized" into a particular department rather than doing general word.  I'm actually really excited about it because now I get to focus on my favorite problems (for that job).  I'm basically helping with anything involving money - account management, refunds, purchasing, whatever.  Okay, I have a confession.  Whenever I took those career personality tests as a high schooler, college goer, and then lost adult - they ALWAYS told me to be an accountant.  Boo.  The creative side of me groans and says, "Man that sounds awful."  However, the very logical side of me who likes math goes, "Yeah, I'd be good at that."  And I am.  And I do like it the same way I liked math over history - there's always a logical answer.

JOB #2 - YES!  I have a second job!  Well, rather, I signed a contract to start a second job next week. AWESOME job even though I don't know the full details.  Basically, I'm transcribing/creating music for a music app company.  This job will nourish the creative side of me.  After some pretty awesomely geeky email exchanges with the hiring manager, I get the feeling that this place is a very Naoko place.

Wait, two jobs?

Here's the deal.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


While I have personally been robbed a few times (well, my parents were robbed and my stuff was the only stuff that got stolen), I've never actually witnessed a robbery.

I'm not sure this counts.

While at Walgreens, while perusing nail polish (that's always the sign you know I'm bored), I watched 3 guys run out.  The poor Walgreens lady said, "Code 7!  Code 7!" and then picked up the phone and over the loud speaker yelled, "Code 7!"

One very slow guy showed up and walked out the door to see what had happened.

Apparently, the 3 guys had stolen toilet paper.

I'm inclined to say that...if you need to steal toilet paper, then everyone should just let you.  I mean, it's a staple.  If you're stealing that, you're probably pretty hard up, right?

My quest for toothpaste got a little more interesting.

In case you were wondering, I ended up buying Pringles, too.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Walked into a wall. No. Really.

It's the second time I've done it now.

Walking up the staircase, walking through the door, I was distracted by two flyers on the door.  I turned back around to read what they said.  Unfortunately for me, there's a tiny 6-8 inch wall by the door that's easy to not notice under normal circumstances.

When I was done reading, I turned around to go along on my merry way, not even thinking twice, but apparently I hadn't cleared the 6 inches of wall.  I was also, unfortunately, very very close to the corner of the wall and immediately smacked my face against it.

I get hurt quite a bit and quite often.