Saturday, June 23, 2012

My House

I bought a condo in Orange County over 3 years ago.

O'bama's first time homebuyer tax break got me.  That and I was spending $1600 a month on rent and realized I could spend less than that on a mortgage.

I looked and looked and researched and researched and asked my poor real estate agent a bajillion questions, and eventually ended purchasing on February 13th.  I remember this because I closed on Friday the 13th, and that tickled me.

Since then, being the neurotic person I am, I have been looking on realty websites to see other houses to ensure I still got a good deal.  And in fact, I did.

I'm now on the other side of the process.  A photographer came yesterday and took pictures of my house, and now my house is on the internet, officially listed.  It's my house.  On the internet.  It is a little bit weird....anybody can see inside my house!

But this is it!  This is the major source of financing for my adventure.  I secretly hope some stupid rich person decides to come buy it for a ridiculous amount of money.  Considering where I currently live, that's enormously possible, I suppose.

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