Sunday, June 24, 2012

Open House

Today, strangers came to look at my house.

Fortunately for me, I was not in the house and my real estate agent was.  I, on the other hand, ate way too much food (again!...seriously, I don't have to eat tomorrow I can just live off of all the extra calories from the last few days), went to Barnes and Noble (to buy books for all 3 of my "bosses"), went to Old Navy (bought 2 pairs of shorts that were on sale), and went to Sprouts.

While I can't comment on what the open house was actually like, being as how I was not there, it's odd to know that people are just coming into my house.

It makes me want to put out food for them.


Housing dilemma for San Francisco:
Do I want to...
1.) Live in a Victorians-esque "house" with bay windows and neighborhood charm?  or
2.) Live in a high rise complex with windows for walls and amazing views?

Both appeal to me.

The idea of living in a FULL HOUSE kind of house, albeit way smaller, appeals to me.  But city views and sky scrapers do, too.

Decisions, decisions.

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