Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Let's go.

Come on!

It's surprisingly difficult to live in limbo.

My whole life I've either been recovering from hard work or preparing for hard work or...working hard!  But even when being a slacker, I had some kind of goal in mind.  Summer usually involves me sleeping for two weeks, and then spending the next 2-3 weeks preparing for the upcoming school year.

And while, yes, there are still things for me to check on (I'm still nervous that my job hasn't been posted yet and school starts in less than 2 weeks, and I'm still randomly showing my house, and of course there is my City/Farm/Castlevilles to tend...and Sims to play...) it's not really enough to fill my day.

I need a project...

...say, like, packing all my stuff up?  Finding an apartment?

Added to that, my fun stuff is packed away and hidden in the garage.  All my movies, video games, paints, cello music, piano music...my exercise dvds (I keep telling myself that's why I'm not exercising.  Lies...)

Instead of being at least semi-productive, or at least pretending as though I am productive, I spend my days snacking on food and watching really bad tv.  Really really bad.  Like...why can't I stop myself from watching The Real Housewives of Orange County marathon kind of bad.  I won't watch any other Real Housewives, either!  Just Orange County.  Because that's where I live.


I'm a masochist.

I actually saw one of them at Target one time.  I was amused and inexplicably proud of her.

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