Monday, July 30, 2012


For the first time in maybe 11 years, I'm bored (not counting sitting in staff meetings...or BTSA meetings...maybe any meetings).  I'm brought back to the time of being 8 years old and complaining, "I'm bored!" to my mom, who would tell me to go practice, or draw, or read, or do math.  Yes, I said math.

I've been busy, non-stop, for 9 years.  I'm the girl who took 28 units per quarter plus unofficially was in orchestra and taking cello lessons (which would've brought me up to 34 units, I think) when the average was 12-17?

And now I eat.  A lot of Goldfish crackers.  I polished off one of those giant cartons today, and I bought it on Wednesday night.

I have done some things.  I made a video me playing 4 parts of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on cello.  I tried to make another one for another piece but it didn't go so great, and I didn't properly warm up beforehand.

I found a Google job I want.  I REALLY want this job.  Click Here To Look.  I would be perfect for it!  A well known fact about me if you knew me before 18, and a little known fact if you met me after 18, is that, at the age of 11, I decided to be a writer.  I used to write short stories every week for class in 6th grade.  My junior year of high school, when I decided school was stupid and utterly boring, I started writing a book.  I decided that whenever I wasn't learning anything, I was going to write instead.  In a couple months, I had a 200 page book about an orphan growing up.  In college, I wrote short stories.  I also started composing in college.

I love all things creative, what can I say.

So this job combines my love of writing with my love of helping people learn and...just helping people in general.

My only problem now is, how do I get it?  I applied online, but I keep hearing and reading how the online resume submission is just a black hole.  I wish I could make my resume bright orange or....flashing...or SOMETHING so that it's actually looked at and considered.  I'm sitting on my couch trying to send waves to Google in general.  "HIRE ME.  CALL ME FOR AN INTERVIEW.  I'M SUPER AWESOME...FEEL MY AWESOMENESS..."  So far, it's not working.  Maybe I'm tired.  I did go to sleep at 8 this morning and wake up around 11:30.  My poor body is so confused after surgery.  I'm just letting it sleep whenever it wants.


Dear Google,
Do you like me?  Circle one:
YES        no

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