Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bow - Offer #2

I got a second offer on my house...except it's for 25% less than what I'm asking, which is a lot!  I countered but I doubt that they are going to accept, considering how low the offer is.  Oh well.

I've been practicing a lot the last few days.  Like...4-6 hours per day a lot.  And as a result of the sudden practicing, I have gotten a blister on my right index finger from my bow!  I've never gotten a blister there's very odd.  I've gotten a pizzicato blister before, but not a bow one.

So I went to Staples and bought a pack of squishy pencil grips, took the screw out of my bow, detached the frog, and slid the pencil grip on.  It felt SO good.  Except, as I was tightening the bow I suddenly felt something weird happen, like the screw skipping a thread.  As I went to loosen the screw to investigate, I discovered that the screw actually BROKE!  Half of it came right out, and half is stuck inside of my bow, keeping the frog attached to the stick.


This is a more serious repair, at least in my eyes, so I called my serious repair place.  They are...on summer vacation for two weeks!


I'm going to my second choice, which makes me a little nervous.  They're very good, but this is a $3000 bow here!  I'm very protective of it, for good reason.  I hope all goes well.

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