Saturday, July 28, 2012

Offer #3 - Escrow!

I was really hoping that my house selling would be really easy; that for once in my life, there would be no complications and it would be smooth sailing.

I got an offer on my house, offer #3, $24,000 below my asking price.  It's not like my little house is a million dollars, so that's a fair amount.  We went back and forth, back and forth, and we finally got to a place where I was willing to give it away $14,000 below asking, and they were willing to give $16,500 below my asking. 

And then we just sat and metaphorically stared at each other.

I had come down $14,000 and they had come up $7,500.  That basically describes my life.  It reminds me of those "What's your biggest weakness?" job interview questions.  Mine is that I will always give up what I have, and I will give up more of what I have than the other person.  I will usually give away everything I have, actually, if it helps the other person.  It's not that I'm a doormat or a pushover or even seeking approval...I just like giving people a leg up.  

Which I guess is my biggest weakness.  I make it extraordinarily easy for people to take advantage of me, and them an upset when they do.  

So this was my stand.  I wasn't budging.  I couldn't believe we were arguing over $2,500 be we were.  Every part of me wanted to cave in.  All I want to do is just move and leave and get on with it.  But I had this number in my's not even a huge number...and the buyers came up and met me on my price.

I thought I'd feel ecstatic or overwhelmed or something.  It was like the last day of school.  I didn't really feel anything.  I'm glad that something is happening, but...I'm still not happy.  That's what I'm chasing...happiness. I've had contentment and satisfaction, but it's not quite the same.

I am in escrow.

Next week is the appraisal and inspection.  That makes me nervous, too.  I'm so used to things not working out for me.  There's always a glitch; there's always a bump.  It's why I'm the meticulous planner I am...I'm always waiting for something to go wrong.  And it almost always does.

In my mind, I'd like to think that I chose the wrong path at some point, and everything consistently going wrong was the universe's way of saying, "Hey, you chose the wrong way."  And I'd like to think that I'm trying to correct that now, and that I'll stop hitting these constant and unnecessary obstacles.  But that will have to wait to be seen.

An example?  It's not just that my mom was hospitalized the weekend of my dad's birthday, but as I was driving home to check on her (300 miles away) my car exploded.  It's not just that I sprained my ankle the second week of school, but the next day I dropped scalding mashed potatoes that splattered on my neck and arms, giving me burns all over my body.  It's not just that I fell down the stairs with my rolly cart, but my rolly cart then fell on top of me and sprained my finger.

It's not even that I feel sorry for myself about it.  Well, sometimes I do.  But I'm just exhausted of having to deal with it, and of always having a Plan A, Plan B, and usually and Plan C...going through all those and having to construct a Plan D on the spot.  

But I'm really great at foreseeing problems and planning for them!  =)

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