Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surgery, replacements, offer #3

Big things about to happen in the next 24 hours.

1.) I am having my vocal cord surgery.  I am having a growth taken off of my vocal cords and then will not be able to talk for one week.  Recovery will take 6 weeks.  I have stocked my refrigerator with food so I won't have to go out into the world.  I have a white board in case I DO end up going out in the world.  My surgery got moved to 7:15 tomorrow morning which means I have to get to the hospital at 5a.m.  That makes me sad.

2.) On Thursday, my replacement was hired.  School starts on Tuesday.  I wish it had happened earlier, considering I can't help the new person after today, since I can't talk.  

3.) We'll see if it actually happens, but a 3rd (and hopefully final) offer on my house is supposed to come in tomorrow.  I really hope it's for at least CLOSE to my asking price.  The stress is starting to make me crabby.

My parents are in town for the surgery.  After insisting that they be the ones to take me, and after making me cancel my initial plans, my mom said, "So do you need for us to take you?"  And then she complained it was too early and couldn't someone else take me?  

That's my parents.

Thankfully, my friend has volunteered for the unpleasant task.  It'll be a less stressful ordeal with him and I'm appreciative for that.  My mother's way of comforting me in times of stress is by criticizing me.  It is NOT comforting.

5 a.m.


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