Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dentist

I do not like the dentist.

I know, I know...nobody does.

Until the age of 18, my dentist was my dad's former student.  He...was terrible.  Seriously, terrible, and I don't say that lightly.  At the age of 8, I got Novocaine shots and it made my entire head tingle with pain.  It hurt SO bad, and I'm a person, even at the age of 8, who has gone through a lot of pain.  When I was 18, I went back (I had been going to an orthodontist) and he gave me 8 novocaine shots.  I thought surely it won't hurt as bad as when I was 8.  Everything seems worse when you're 8.  Nope.  It hurt JUST AS BAD as I had remembered.

Did you know that there is supposed to be gel rubbed on your gums before the shot?  I didn't know that until I was 26.

Yeah.  He just straight shot me.  And I STILL felt the drilling!  And then, he drilled the wrong tooth!  It's never good when you hear your dentist say, "Oops!"  -_-

Since 18, I went to a dentist in Costa Mesa who tried to sell me everything in the whole world (including a $250 bite plate), tried to make me insecure about not having perfectly straight teeth so I would buy invisalign (didn't work), and after seeing him my teeth have been sensitive.

I went to a new dentist in RSM teeth hurt.  It's been 5 years.

She was really good, actually.  And I got complimented on my gums and the color of my teeth!  I'll take any compliment I can get.  But in the last 3 days I have gotten about 5 hours of dental work done.  I had to keep my mouth open for 2 hours today.  My jaw aches.  :(

Oh well.  My teeth feel good.  They aren't sensitive.  Everyone was cool.

I'll go back...when my teeth hurt again.  :)

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