Sunday, August 5, 2012

A lead...

I found a friend who has a friend who works at Google!  He put me in touch with him, and the Googler submitted my resume!  This time, I actually got an email saying that someone would contact me within a week.


Also, in my craigslist search for an apartment, I came across a house share.  While sharing wasn't initially on my contemplation plate, I'm giving it a chance.  Especially since I'm entering San Francisco jobless, it might be nice to live with people and make some friends that way.

My escrow papers finally came in the mail yesterday.  I don't understand them at all.  As soon as I start reading through the legal jargon, my inner and dormant ADD decides to wake up and convinces me that what I really need are Wheat Thins right now.  I need to read them, fill them out, sign them, and find a notary.

I had another teaching anxiety dream last night.  It's the first one in a really long time, and again it involved me having no room to teach and trying to figure out where to take my 50 person class.  It's unfortunate that these anxiety dreams come from very real situations that have occurred countless times during my teaching career. I woke up, stressed, at 7:52 a.m.  I convinced myself to go back to sleep but had another stressful dream.

Oh well.

On another note, I'm loving the new Lumineers CD.  It's folksy in an indie rock kind of way.  I also started re-listening to the Fun CD, which didn't speak to me as immediately as the Lumineers.  Their big hit, We Are Young, sounds different than the rest of their CD.  And there's a strange Maroon 5 quality to the lead singer.

I miss singing along.  In another 4 weeks I will be allowed to sing (yay!) but until then I pretend.

This upcoming week is my follow up doctor's appointment.  I am also going to see Yo-Yo Ma at the Hollywood Bowl (WOOO!!!!).  And on Friday, I'm going to fly to SF to go apartment hunting.  It's a big week.

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