Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apartment Hunt : Day 2

I didn't see as many apartments my second day.

After 12 hours of glorious sleep, I finally dragged myself out of bed to check my email, craigslist ads, made some calls only to find out that 3 of the apartments I planned on seeing were already rented out.  One person had the nerve to sound annoyed I was calling until I politely pointed out that the ad was still up.

Seeing as how I had to check out at noon, I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.  I went to Starbucks again (I had a soy caramel macchiato and a chicken wrap), talked to some people, and then walked to Japantown; a little over a mile.

I haven't been to Japantown since I was a kid.  My family would frequent it on our visits to San Francisco, but it has been a while.  I always enjoyed it in a bland kind of way.  I was curious to see how I would react, since I've never really identified with my culture.  Much to my surprise and delight, I loved Japantown.  I discovered some stores I had no memory of, went and saw all the cute little things....bought some snacks and rice balls.  I've decided that Japanese stuff is awesome.  It's cuter, more efficient, and cheaper than American stuff (sorry America).

I left thinking....I want to live by Japantown.

I took a walk over to a corporate apartment complex.  A few streets past Japantown, it suddenly had a different vibe.  Nothing horribly scary, but definitely not the haven of Japantown.  I interacted with a kind fellow who seemed very...corporate and uptight, though I managed to calm him down and even got him to share a personal anecdote or two.  It's my gift.

It's not really for me, though.  It's just...sterile.  I'm coming from sterile.  I'd like a little more character :)

My second visit was with this wonderful lady with whom I had been communicating the last two weeks.  We've been calling each other and sharing information, and I was very hopeful.  The apartment complex is 2 blocks from Japantown.  It's 2 blocks from the park.  It's by a Whole Foods :)

The inside of the apartment was...okay.  Not fabulous, but big enough and the price is very reasonable.

I have to accept that, for my price range, I won't find something I love.  It's kind of sad.  But that might be reality.

I still don't think it's ever going to happen.  While I was sitting in Japantown I got a phone call from my real estate agent.  More complications.

In the meantime, I'm staying at my friend's apartment in Oakland, which means I need to be back every day well before dark.  She's kind to let me stay on her couch for so long.  But now I have nothing to do and wonder what I'll do tomorrow.


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    1. That's basically how it goes in SF. It's all done through random craigslist ads. Crazy!

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