Sunday, August 12, 2012

SF Trip #1 - Apartment Hunting

I went to SF this weekend in my attempt to find an apartment.  I was REALLY hoping it would be super easy and everything would magically fall into place (as a cosmic sign that everything is meant to be), but in typical just wasn't that easy.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 1:41 on Friday.  I got to the airport, stood in line at the security check point only to discover they have gone to the full body scanner.  This being my first time, I was caught a bit off guard and the lady barked at me when I put my arms in the wrong position.  When I stepped out of it (I secretly felt like I was stepping out of a transporter from Star Trek).

I then stood in line for about an hour at the little booth by the gate because my mobile boarding pass said, "see agent" and I had no seat assignment.  That's when I found out my flight was 4 1/2 hours.  I did get a seat, at least, but sitting in the airport for 4 1/2 hours was NOT fun.  I played DRAW SOMETHING and read my book.

By the time I got to SF, it was 7:15 instead of 3:30.  I made it onto the BART, got off the station, looked around confused and finally resurfaced.  See, the whole plan was to get to SF in the daylight so I could navigate with more ease.  Everything looks the same to me at night.  And even though the BART station ended up being literally RIGHT IN FRONT of my hotel, I somehow got turned around and walked away from it and got confused.  Fortunately, my friend was meeting me and called me asking, "Where are you??"  My answer was, " front of a Starbucks."

My apartment hunting itself was...well, it was strange.  I had all these printouts and had emailed and called all these people with the intention of seeing around 12 places, but so many people just didn't contact me back.  It was weird.  And I was supposed to go see this place by Alamo Square on Saturday, but don't ya know, as soon as I got to the bus station...there was parade and all transit was cut off.


So I spent my day walking to and from places, and probably ended up walking a good 5 miles that day.  I'm clearly out of shape, as I was huffing and puffing pretty early on.  I'm going to have such strong legs after a year!

In the end, I didn't end up with an apartment.

There was one place that wasn't bad, but the cost to love ratio was off.  And even though time is now ticking, I don't want to get a place out of sheer panic, and I don't want to I tend to do.  I'm a "play it safe" kind of person, but that sometimes gets me into trouble.

So NOW I am trying to figure out how to go back up there, when to go back there, and if I really want to impose on my friend and her boyfriend and stay on their couch for an extended amount of time.

I'm going try to talk my parents into going to SF so I can stay in their hotel :)  At least for a little while.

AND, I didn't get an interview for Google.

AND, I didn't win the lotto.

It was a rough weekend.

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