Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yo-Yo Ma + Dudamel = LOVE

Last night, I went to my very first Hollywood Bowl Concert.  It was Yo-Yo Ma playing the Schumann Cello Concerto, and Dudamel conducting the LA Phil playing Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony.  It was an amalgam of my favorite people and pieces.

My friend H~ and I took a shuttle up to the Hollywood Bowl.  We were walking up to our seats when I heard, "Miss M~!"  Yup.  It was a student.  =)  Her mom said, "You look so different!"  It's because, when not trying to dress like an adult....I dress like a 14 year old child.  I like a t-shirt with a cartoon character on it, what can I say.

Yo-Yo Ma best friend.  He just doesn't know it.  He came out to play, and it made me wish I was sitting right next to him, creepily staring and enjoying his music.  One of my favorite things about him is he genuinely looks happy when playing.  You can tell he enjoys it which makes me enjoy it that much more.  I also LOVE that he slightly missed a few shifts.  It's a reassuring reminder that he's human, and that what makes his music amazing is not his ability to play everything 100% technically accurate.

Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 is one of my favorite symphonies EVER.  I first played the last movement when I was 12 at summer camp.  It brings back memories of that, and the next time I played it was when I was getting my teaching credential.  Dudamel is...entertaining.  I couldn't decide if it was endearing or annoying that he grunts during the intense moments.


French Horns!  This piece makes me want to be a brass player.  All the fanfares and moments where I'd totally stand up if I were a brass's so exciting.  And the horns just clammed their opening fanfare.  And then every time they had a moment in the first movement, someone just could NOT get the note spot on.  I know it's hard, but come on!  This is why you play french horn!


It was a fun night and kind of my official good bye to Southern California.

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