Sunday, September 30, 2012

SF Conservatory

After spending yesterday hanging curtains of various kinds, I decided to venture out today to a cello and piano recital given at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

I walked there, proving my new boots were a good investment as my feet feel fine.  It was a little over a mile away.  It was a lot more crowded than I thought it would be.  It was a 5:00 on a Sunday in a relatively small hall, but I still wasn't expecting it to be that full.  Says something nice about SF, right?

When I walked into the Conservatory, I must have had a "I'm lost" look on my face because someone who works there asked if I knew where I was going.  I said no.  :)  I found a seat on the side so I would get a good look at the cellist and I could watch the movements of the pianist's hands.

There were 3 pieces, all contemporary (which has always been a bit difficult for my ears).  Poulenc, Omid Zoufonoun, and Vladimir God├ír.  Not in that order, though.  It was interesting.  I'm not sure I'd say enjoyable in the traditional didn't fill me with way Tchaikovsky does, but that's okay.  I suppose thought provoking would be more appropriate.

On my walk back, a homeless person said, "Have a great evening!"  I found that refreshing.  He wasn't asking for anything, hew as just sitting and giving out pleasantries.  That's nice.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ferry Building

In my attempt to not be a hermit, I set my alarm clock for 10:00 (yes, I had to set my alarm clock) and was out the door by 11:15 to go take a walking tour of the Ferry Building.

The tour was given by San Francisco City Guides, and is "free" but they ask for donations.  I met the tour guide at the bottom of the steps, and she just had a "tour guide" look to her.  It turned out to be just me and one other older gentleman, so that was pretty cool.  But she kept asking us questions, and I am notoriously ignorant when it comes to anything historical.  It just doesn't stick.  I DID get the question, "Does anybody know what Eureka stands for?" and was surprised I still remember it from 2nd grade.  Thank you, Mrs. Schneider.  That was the year I also learned a koala is a marsupial, how to multiply, divide, and write in cursive.  Big year.

After the tour was done, I walked around that area.  I really like it!  You get the bay views, the big giant building, and it's busy without being SCARY busy.  I took a picture of a random rocket ship, walked down a pier, saw a giant bow and arrow before looping back around.

All I want to do, every single day, is eat bread.  San Francisco just BEGS for you to eat its delicious food.  I resisted, and finally broke in my kitchen, making marinated pork chops (marinated in rosemary, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil) and roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese.  My big main electric coil is lopsided, so my pans are all askew unless I use a heavy cast iron skillet.  I can't figure out what's wrong.   I feel like the coil is just...wrong.

I also changed my auto insurance today, finally, and bought myself some health insurance.  Since my coverage from being a teacher ends at the end of this month, I thought i should get some.  I'm very accident prone and it doesn't seem like something I should risk.

My Sketchers also came in the mail!  In the next week I should be getting numerous packages.  Even though i'm technically jobless right now, there were just a lot of things that I needed to buy that made practical sense.  I bought Sketchers Go Walk shoes online (two pairs) to replace my numerous Payless sneakers.  They're really comfortable walking around my apartment, so I look forward to trying it out on the streets.

Tomorrow, curtain rods should come.  w00t.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boxes Gone!

3 craigslisters visits later, all my boxes and all my wrapping paper are gone.

And yet, my place still looks messy.  Because it is.

I cannot figure out how to fit all my junk on my kitchen counter.  Microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, cutting board, dish's too much!

Not much happened today.  Went to Whole Foods and it's not actually as expensive as I thought it would be!  Last year I switched from Vons to Sprouts because Sprouts was cheaper and fresher, and Sprouts and Whole Foods seem to be pretty similar in pricing thus far.  But when I want some caramel sauce from a squeeze bottle, I'm not sure where I'm going to go.  And my beloved Tropicana 50 is...nowhere to be found.

Found my new hardware store.  Soko Hardware, in Japantown, is awesome.  I thought it would be very...Japanese, and just sell Japanese hardware (I'm not sure what that would be, but still...I was imagining rice bowls...which they did have...), but they also had normal hardware stuff and TONS of it.  Way better than the Ace Hardware I went to yesterday, and they were all really nice.  I had a conversation with the cashier about how to say tomato and potato.  I convinced him to be British about it.

On another note, New Girl is my absolute favorite show.  When it came out last year, I told everybody...they made a show about me!  A quirky teacher who randomly bursts into song?  Uh...hello?  The episode when they introduced Asian Jess...oh my goodness, that was too exciting for me.  In an interesting twist, Jess...became unemployed this episode!  Granted, she was let go and I...let go, but it's interesting watching her deal with being jobless.

I learned today that my stove doesn't work.  Making strawberry jam doesn't work when there is no heat.  I will have to work that out later.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I finally ventured more than 3 blocks from my apartment in search for some much needed items.

My phone is dying, so I went to Office Depot to buy a new landline phone.  I went to The Container Store to buy a dishrack, a dishrack mat, a bin for my hair dryer/flat iron/curling wand/hair brushes, and adhesive hooks for my pots and pans.  Ross for a bathmat, and Ace Hardware for a new showerhead (because the one in my apartment is maybe an inch in diameter and is ill equipped to get shampoo out of 26 inches of hair.

I learned something important today.  I am normally a one trip shopper; I like to have a list of things to get, drive around to get them, and then go back home.  I forgot one important detail: I hate to drive, so I took the bus.  It is very difficult to walk around with that many bags and then get on the bus, scan your Clipper Card (my bus pass), and then sit on the bus.  Even at 2:40 in the afternoon, the bus was crowded enough that I was annoyed with myself for taking up any of the aisle.

Nobody complained, though or seemed even remotely annoyed.

Getting ON the bus on my way to go shop, however, a couple asked if the 41 took you to downtown.  I responded with, "I have no idea; I moved here Friday."  Considering we were at the bus stop for the 38 and 38L I was particularly confused.  Is there even a 41?  THEY got annoyed at me, like I had tried to trick them into thinking I was a long time San Franciscan.


Otherwise, upon walking around my neighborhood to go to Walgreens, I noticed that almost everybody either smiles or smiles and says "Hello!" to me.  I know I said that yesterday,'s just so nice.  People are nice.  I guess I'm not used to that...

Sunday, September 23, 2012


All the boxes are unpacked.


Well, kind of.  The computer speakers are still in their box because I have no idea what to do with them.  I wasn't about to give away $100+ serious computer speakers.

My craigslist person came to pick up some of the boxes and some of the paper.  I still have way more, but have already heard back from another craigslister.  Yay!

At some point, I really need to go out and get real groceries.  My refrigerator looks so pathetic right now.  1 tub of margarine, 1 tub of yogurt, 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle of rum (that may be 9 years old....shows you how often I use it)...and some cheese.  I also can't figure out how to have enough counter space for a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, and dish rack.  Oh, and a phone and internet router =P  Stupid phone line.

I decided to reward my fast unpacking with pizza delivered from Pizzelle.  It was okay.  Honestly, I kind of like Roundtable better (though I really love Roundtable).  

My artwork is up, and also took some artwork DOWN to make me look less crazy.  Don't get me house still looks somewhat crazy

I also did a ton of online shopping.  I bought curtains (and a curtain rod), 2 pairs of sketchers, a backpack.  My reasoning is...I don't want to get on the bus with a giant curtain rod.  The Sketchers I want can't be found in any store!  And the backpack is from Korea.


Time to go back to the Emmys.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


4 boxes left to unbox!

Yeah, you read that right.  I'm very serious about the unpacking process.  Feeling settled and at home is very important to me.

I woke up completely sore in a way that felt as though I had worked out for the first time in a year.  Except I hadn't.  I just picked up and put down boxes for hours on end.

I"m realizing that moving artwork from a house with ample wall space to an apartment less than half the size...makes you look like a crazy person.  It's like ADD for the eyes.  It reminds me a little bit of my teenage self and how I loved to have decorations EVERYWHERE.  I think I need to take some things down

I also slept more than 10 hours and had to force myself out of bed.  I was so gloriously comfortable, and my sleep has been minimal this past week.

I still haven't bought proper food.  I had a breakfast of caramel wafers and potato chips.  By dinner time, I convinced myself to go buy some prepared food.  Since Japantown is a 4 minute walk away, it was the winner.  In the middle of Japantown, I saw a storm trooper.  I bought some dividers for my drawers and shelf paper.  I also bought 4 salmon onigiris (rice balls) and a ham and cheese Japanese sandwich (the bread is really thin and the sandwich is very dainty).

On my way back, aside from seeing a few homeless people (including a woman who was carrying around a giant egg carton bed cushion thing), the adults I passed by all smiled at me.  I love that I live in a city where people smile at each other!

Running out of space in my kitchen cabinets, I think I'm going to buy some adhesive hooks and hang all my pots and pans.  I am also now certain that Vans are not going to cut it in this city.  I need a dish rack.  I may go downtown tomorrow....we'll see.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Stuff Has Arrived!

I slept on an air mattress last night.  I think I forgot how cold 45 degrees is, because I convinced myself that flannel pajamas with a sweatshirt would be warm enough despite the fact that I only had sheets.  I was very very wrong.  Even with my heater on, I was freezing!  At some point, I got up and went to the bathroom to get my towel so I would have another layer.

This morning, promptly at 9:30, my movers came.  While I'm sure they deliver to San Francisco, I was very impressed that they got all that STUFF up to the second floor in such a small elevator (it's not even 5 feet wide!).  I also managed to, on craigslist, find someone who was looking for boxes, so fortunately I won't have to recycle ALL of these ridiculous boxes.

Speaking of which, they finished around noon, and I have now unpacked approximately 16 boxes.  It's hard to tell, because I also just shoved 4 of my Christmas boxes into the closet as that is where they will live until Christmas time.

It's interesting that the movers in RSM, the movers here in SF, and the cable guy all asked me if I was moving here by myself.  One mover today asked, "Who's the lucky guy?"  My answer was, "I'm my own lucky guy."

They found that amusing.

Anyways, now it's just unpacking time.  I can't stand living out of boxes, so I can usually unpack pretty quickly.  It already seems more like my home now that my stuff is in it.  Wherever my rainbow Ikea rug goes, that's where I feel my home is :)

I'm tired.  I've been going to bed relatively early and waking up early.  Very unlike me, but that's okay.

Is 8:10 too early for bed?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello, San Francisco!

After spending a day in Fresno (enjoying the 94 degree heat), today I made my way up to San Francisco.  It took 3 hours and 15 minutes because I was really scared to speed.  My friends have all told me their stories of getting speeding tickets, so I obeyed the speed limit as conscientiously as possible.

On the way to San Francisco there are hills and hills of wind turbines.  They make me happy.  In 8th grade, we had a list of things to find (a certain kind of rock, something with a fulcrum, and a picture of a turbine...I think).  I brought coal, a nutcracker, and made my parents pull over by the wind turbines to take pictures for my science assignment.

The Bay Bridge was also really nice.  I want to look at EVERYTHING, which can cause problems while driving.  I was really hoping I wouldn't crash into anybody!  O_o  Upon getting off the bridge and into the city, I hit lane closure after lane closure, and of course it was always the lane I was in.  And unlike Southern California, they don't take 50 feet to slowly ween the lane away, they give you 2 or 3 feet!  But I find in Southern California, when you have to switch lanes (for whatever reason), people don't want to let you in.  They speed up so you can't get in and it's very stressful.  Because of this, my stress level started shooting up as soon as I was having to constantly merge, but unlike Southern California....San Franciscans let you in!  You signal, and they wait for you and allow you to merge in front of them!  It was...amazing.

It took about 8 trips up and down to and from my car to get everything unloaded.  I met my next door neighbor, K~, who was really friendly and nice and welcomed me to the building (we met in the elevator).

Now, I am resting on my air mattress.  The real one comes tomorrow.  Last night, I wore a tank top and shorts to bed.  Tonight, I'm wearing a sweatshirt and flannel pants.  =)  Makes me happy.  I had udon for dinner.  I went to Daiso and bought 6 scrubby sponges, 2 packages of shelf paper, and the most Naoko apron (rainbow polka dots with orange trim), all for $6.

Tomorrow is moving in day!  The mess will exploded everywhere, I suspect.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving Day (#1)

I woke up at 6 a.m. to shower, disconnect internet, disconnect cable, load my car, and generally get ready.  The movers were slated to show up between 8 and 10 but "closer to 8", according to numerous people.  8:00 came, I waited, and....I got bored.  Apparently, life without tv or internet = complete and utter boredom for me (at least while everything else is packed into boxes).

So what's a girl to do?

I took out my cello and practiced until the movers came at 9:30.

The guys were fast and great, and it went really smoothly.  After they were gone, I had to go to UPS to send my receivers back to AT&T.

One problem.

The electricity got cut off at 10:00.  My car was still in the garage.  I had no idea how to open my garage without electricity.  I had to look it up on my iPhone, and it ended up being really easy (pull the cord, bend down and pull up the door), but I was worried the door would be super heavy.  It wasn't.  I returned the stuff, came back, swept up, and left.

This whole time I have been waiting for...something.  But every last event has been met with complete indifference.  Leaving my house was the same.  Not happy, not sad....just leaving.

I'm spending today and tomorrow in Fresno with my family.  I showed my mom the weird video of my doppelganger ("That's scary!") and showed her a video I made of myself playing Pirates of the Caribbean.  I quote.

HER - "Send this to your sister!"
ME - "I can''s a huge file."
HER - "Oh."
ME - "I guess I could put it on youtube..."
HER - "But she doesn't have youtube!"


Monday, September 17, 2012

1 More Day....

I have too much stuff.

Final box count: 79

That's more than 50.  I have 2 boxes of cleaning supplies.  2 boxes of cords.  I had to put my printer in a box.  My heater went in a box by itself, too.

I'm also concerned about what has to fit in my car tomorrow.  A cello, a violin, a viola, 2 guitars, 2 pillows, a toolbox, a drill kit, 2 airplane sized suitcases, one small suitcase, a trash can, a hamper, a backpack, a comforter (hopefully...I want it to go over the top of everything), a humidifier, a water filter pitcher, a box of piano music, a pack of toilet paper....I think that's it.  It's all the stuff that either 1.) Need to go to my parents, 2.) Are too fragile and/or precious for movers, 3.) I need day 1 as I move in.

I looked online, and apparently you're supposed to tip 5%.  I guess that means I've been super overtipping for a long time.  Oh well.  I'd rather over tip than under tip, especially since I hate moving.  And even knowing this, I'll end up over tipping.  I like to tip twice, personally, too.

Today, I met my ex-coworker M~ for lunch, and he let me know what's going on in the school year.  It makes me glad that I'm not there.  I also went to one of my old schools to drop off some donation items.  I tried to time it so minimal kids would see me, but I definitely drew a crowd.  That was nice, actually.  I miss the good kids and interacting with them.  It was also reassuring to know I was also missed.

The rest of the day was spent packing.  It's absolutely absurd.  How do I have this much stuff?  How did this happen?

I'm now a little concerned about being over the 2000 pound minimum.

Oh, I also learned that to get a money order at Vons, you need to have cash.  I went to the bank for a money order or cashiers check, and they sent me to Ralphs.  Ralphs was out of order.  I went to Vons, and then they sent me back to the bank to get cash.  It wasn't wonderful.

Tomorrow's move is at 8 a.m.  I am waking up at 6 a.m. to get ready.  Towels have to be folded and put in the hamper, as well as sheets.  My economy sized shampoo bottles and lotions are already sitting in my lined trash can (so when I move I'll have shampoo and conditioner and soap but I'll also have a usable trash can).

I laugh at people when they ask if I'm moving myself or am getting a uhaul.


Hold your breath.

Let's go!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 More Days...

Still 52.  I may do another one tonight.

My washer and dryer got picked up today, along with my desk and desk chair and a lamp.  Hooray for selling things!  My friend H~ brought a UHaul and we filled it with a porch swing, patio furniture, a book case, 5 dining room chairs, a floor lamp, my media cabinet...and 3 boxes of stuff for him.  He helped me get the TV off the wall. 

Another friend, D~, took a tv off my hands, a dvd/vcr combo, 2 boxes of stuff, a hamper that rolls, a rolly cart, a set of dishes and mugs...

I got a tire replaced on my car, went to Ikea with D~ to pick up my replacement media furniture, met my cousin there and a former coworker.

I'm tired.

Ants are invading my house.  Biggest tip I can give you: ANTS HATE ORANGE OIL.  Go buy some Pledge orange oil and ants will run from it.  Best tip I can give you.  And then your house smells all orangey and not like...poison.  I also put out a trap in the 2nd bathroom, since I never use the second bathroom, so hopefully that will lure them away.  I figured out where they're coming from.  There's a small hole in the bottom corner of my bedroom that faces the backyard.  I thought of orange oil spraying that hole but then was worried the giant trail of ants would panic and go all through the house.

I hate being in bed and finding an ant crawling on me.

Not too much left to do.  Final box of breakables, as I found a few forgotten items.  Clothes and hangers.  Artwork.  Maybe an hour or two of work, but I just...don't feel like it.  I'm concentrating on feeling like a beached whale (I ate so much food) and killing ants.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

3 More Days...

52 finished boxes.

I forgot about the fact that I still have two suitcases that aren't spoken for.  Fortunately, there are still clothes left over so I might just put them in there and have the movers move them.

At 7:52 a.m. I got a phone call from Edison saying they would be at my house to pick up my refrigerator in 15-20 minutes.  I got up, put in eye drops, brushed my hair, and waited.  30-40 minutes later they arrived.  That's okay, at least I got a lot done.

The final walk through was today.  I like the buyers of my house :)  Their agent confuses me a little bit, though.  She wanted to take my only key and got irritated with me when I wouldn't give it to her.  To be fair, she works in a city far away, but...that's why you get a commission, right?

Today's breakfast was rice cakes and peanut butter.  Lunch was sushi and rice snacks.  I'm getting lots of carbs in!  I'll have lots of energy.

I've hit the point in my packing where i just don't feel like doing anything anymore.  I don't care about my mixing bowls.  I created one junk box already, but now I'm starting to find random important things I didn't pack (like my Pyrex measuring cups).  I just...eugh.  I don't want to take the nails out.  I don't want to deal with the leftover boxes in the garage.  I don't want to worry about the paint cans.  It's those little details that don't affect me at all but know I should take care of....that I do not want to do.

Also, I have a big car, but I'm finding that I don't have room for everything.  2 suit cases, 1 hamper, 1 small garbage can, 1 cello, 2 pillows, 1 violin, 1 viola, 2 guitars...a box for my mom of random home stuff (a vase, a hair dryer...).

I'm tired of the process.

I think it's exacerbated by having done this once already with all my classroom stuff.

4 More Days....

41 finished boxes (3 are ready, but haven't been taped)

It was 106 degrees today.  And what was I doing when the high hit?  I was lugging heavy items around town for donation.

Women Helping Women is an organization that helps people get back on their feet and into the work force.  I donated 4 nice coats (they were from a time when I was heavier, but I loved the coats so I held onto them), 2 work bags (I bought them back when I thought I needed to look like an adult to teach....before I switched back to messenger bags and backpacks), 3 purses, a random suit my mom bought me that looks like it's for a 45 year old woman taller than I am, and a big box of lotions/perfumes/shower gels.  Every year, my students get me TONS of those sets of lotions/body sprays/shower gels, and over the years I have accumulated a shockingly large amount. I use them, but the rate in which I use them does not keep up with the influx.  And I don't use perfume or body sprays....or lotions that are extremely fragrant (I end up getting distracted by myself).  I was so relieved to find a place to where I could donate it all.

I also took electronics to be recycled at a green friendly place.  4 laptops, 1 desktop, a box of random cords and small electronics, 2 printers, 1 scanner from the mid 90s, and my giant 1999 boombox (that was sad to give away, but it is comically huge).  I had to deposit it in a storage unit, and it was painfully obvious that I had never been to a storage unit before.  First, I couldn't get the lock unlocked.  Then, I couldn't figure out how to open the unit.  I kept looking for a handle to pull up the door.  There should be a handle.

Otherwise, it's just been boxing stuff.  All that kitchen stuff ended up taking more boxes than I thought.  While dishes and bowls fit efficiently into a box or two, I have so many ridiculously large items that I became annoyed with myself.  A family sized salad bowl.  2 sets of big bowls (sets, not just a bowl).  A salad spinner.  Random mixing bowls that are bigger than my head.  Each one of these things took one box, and then I had to find random things to fill the boxes.  I tried to keep it cohesive, and if it was something I used often I tried to fill the box with random things I use often.

I think I'm going to leave the punch bowl at my house and pretend I forgot it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 More Days... (trashy!)

Finished boxes: 30!

I learned an important lesson today: when you go to Ikea to buy furniture of any kind, take someone with you.  I went to buy a relatively small bookshelf, and it didn't even occur to me to take help.  Finding it downstairs, I looked dubiously at the packaged size and then realized it said 77 pounds.  I have this strange complex where I think I have the strength of a really strong 250 pound man, so I thought to myself...I bet I can pick it up and get it onto the cart.  I lifted the side to test it out and immediately thought nope, not going to happen.  Guess I have to go back later with reinforcements.

Tomorrow is the last trash pick up.  I arranged for my two gross end tables, my broken rolly cart, and a giant bag of trash to be picked up in addition to my regular trash and recycle bins.

In going further into the garage, I discovered yet another laptop.  There are now 4 laptops and one regular computer plus my working laptop sitting in my house right now.  I think it's every computer I've used since teaching.  I kill computers really quickly, as you can tell.  Electronics, in general, tend to die quickly around me, and tend to have a maximum life span of 2 years.  (This laptop just hit the 2 year mark...and now it's suddenly having some severe issues.)

A box of random curtains appeared, some old work/concert clothes from my high school days, my SNES....I know I don't need my Super Nintendo, but I can't throw it away.  I mean, come on!  It might go into my Fresno pile.

And I have 4 or 5 boxes of Christmas and holiday decorations.  What do I do with that?!  I am seriously thinking of renting a small teeny tiny storage area in SF.  Nothing big; the size of a small closet with suffice.

Eugh.  I feel all sticky and gross.  I need to take a nice long hot shower, but I still have make sure I have no more trash.  I threw away almost the entire contents of my refrigerator.  Good-bye year old sweet pickles that I thought were dill pickles until I ate one and got sad.  Good-bye mustard.  Good-bye congealed sun dried tomatoes in oil.  Good-bye all salad dressing ever bought and tons of soy sauce.

What a waste.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

6 More Days....

20 finished boxes.

Today, I tackled the garage...kind of.  I realized I have around 4 boxes on holiday decorations and I have no idea what to do with them.  I'm leaving the lights that go around the house, but I have these nice hand made ornaments my mom made years and years ago that she gave to me (because she decided she wanted a nice matching tree with generic ornaments).

I need storage.

I also found my box of bleach, oil, windshield wiper fluid, and other random car things.  Strangely, it had this white crust all over the place...almost like sea salt.  I have no idea how to dispose of this, because I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to just put oil in the garbage can, but everything is covered with this weird white "salt".

My boxes are entering the realm of "throw all the other remaining stuff into boxes" category, where nothing can fill up an entire box by itself, so I have these weird hybrid boxes.  Half extra toiletries (extra cotton pads, toner, my extra contact lenses), half notebooks.

Kitchen stuff finally entered the packing arena, as I started with my big dinner plates.  I never eat off the big dinner plates; I always use the salad plates.  I think calling it "dinner plates" is a little deceiving; are people really eating dinners that big?  The pasta bowls went in and I used tupperware to fill up the rest to provide a bumper.

Random Japanese dishware is next.

I also found a green recycling place that'll actually come to my door and pick up all 8 of my belongings.  Yay!

My house is a mess.  Just a mess.

And I have been watching way too much Bravo.  Flipping Out (I'm a lot more sympathetic to the main person than when I saw it a few times previously), Real Housewives (Orange County, New York, sometimes Atlanta or New Jersey but those are not as familiar to me), Million Dollar Listing, Millionaire Matchmaker...I think I have a problem.  I don't even like these shows, but I keep watching them.

At least real shows will be coming on soon!  I'm excited for any show with the word "New" in it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

7 More Days

I didn't pack any boxes today.

I've started watching AT&T and signing up for phone services up until the point I can choose my phone number.  I'm going to keep going back until I find a number I like and think I can remember.

I DID redeem my ULTA Rewards points today and got a free haircut and skin treatment.

It was my first facial ever, and it was free, so why not?  I had to fill out a 28 question survey about my skin and skin care routine.  The skin lady was very patient with my questions ("What's the difference between soap and cleanser?")  She asked my biggest concern and I mentioned the scars I had from students hitting me in the face with their bows (they're fading, but they're still there), so we went with an exfoliating skin...treatment.  I sat in a chair, clipped my hair, and she proceeded to rub things on my face and then wipe them off.  It was very odd.  I'm not comfortable having strangers touch my face.  I'm not that comfortable with people I KNOW touching my face.  I'm all flinchy.   Maybe it has something to do with being hit in the face on a regular basis by an errant bow...

She asked what I did, and I mentioned until recently I was a music teacher.  When she asked how long, and I said 8 years, she stopped and exclaimed, "8 years?!!  I thought you were like...21!!"  21 is pushing it.  But I laughed and said I was in my 30s.  Thank you, genetics.

The haircut was LAME, though, and I'm glad it was free.  She had me sit down, asked me what I wanted (a trim of 1-2 inches and my bangs cleaned up).  Now, usually, when I get shampooed it's like a massage for my head and I go to my happy place and nearly take a nap.  This woman...assaulted my head.  She was so rough and I thought I had offended her in some way.  Also, I normally start in a chair and get leaned backward, but with her I sat in a chair and just tilted my head into the sink so water was going down my face from my bangs.

She did some snipping here and there and...the way she tousled my hair made me feel like she was hitting me in the head.  I was rather amused.  I know the haircut is free, but...shouldn't you be trying to wow me with your awesomeness so I'll come back and actually pay?  After  5 minutes or so, she then went to check on another customer's color...for a really long time.  Like 15 minutes.  She came and started to blow dry my hair, at which point I thought...did she cut my hair?  Then 30 seconds later she asked another lady to come and finish the blow drying.  The lady finished the blow drying, and then we had a conversation.  And then I had a conversation with another salon lady.  They were really nice.  Then the original haircut lady came back, looked at my ends, and said I was done.

When I got up, I tried to sneak a peek at the floor because I really couldn't tell if she had actually cut my hair or not.  It felt shorter, but my mind can trick itself into believing things.  I swear there was barely any hair on the floor, and even 1-2 inches results in a big pile for me.  And my hair wasn't all the way dry.  I begrudgingly gave her a tip, though I kept it modest.  But it WAS a free haircut, so I felt she should get something.

Oh well.

I'm glad I didn't pay for that service.

Monday, September 10, 2012

8 More Days...

Am I counting that right?

Finished box count: 17

There are 8 giant trash bags of stuff outside my door right now, awaiting Salvation Army's pickup tomorrow.    Even at that (I think this brings my donated total to 13 bags?), I still have too much stuff and will probably have to do another donation once I get to S.F.  In my mind, I see the movers looking at me dubiously as they enter the apartment. 

Today was full of logistics.  Cancelling service, moving service, cancelling more service.  I spent a lot of time on hold.  I tried to do as much as I could online, but some required person to person assistance.

I'm feeling the pressing need to pack more boxes.  I think I'm going to start doing the final round.  Time to start laundry and start running that dishwasher!  I also decided to recycle my refrigerator, which means they will pick it up on SATURDAY.  No perishable food for me.

I will buy rice cakes and peanut butter.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 More Days...

...until I move out.

I woke up, for the second day in a row, with a headache that's either a caffeine hangover or a fatigue headache (the third kind I get is a "my contacts are the wrong prescription" headache).  This is why I haven't packed my Motrin, yet.

I know I'm moving to a city where there's everything.  Everything, except a Target.  And an Ulta.  Target is coming to SF in "the fall", I read, which serves as much relief.  I go to Target at LEAST once a week.  I have a red card.  The employees recognize me.

So today, I went to stock up on some items that, while I know I can access it in some way in SF, it'll be a lot more inconvenient than just driving 5 minutes down the street, parking for free in the lot, and going home.  I'd like to thank my students for helping pay for: shampoo, 24 pairs of socks (if I have to pay for laundry, I'm buying a bunch of socks), ELF face wipes and face powder, apricot scrub, cotton pads, and....well some salami and a birthday card for my mom :)

At ULTA, I bought some skin stuff, including a toner that is only magically available at ULTAs and disappeared fro mall other stores.  Upon checking out, I eagerly asked, "Do I have enough points for a free haircut??"  Why yes, I do!  A free haircut and a free facial, which will be interesting since I've never had a facial before.

I haven't had my hair cut in about a year, because it's so expensive.  My hair is long....nobody will really notice if it's not being cut, right?  I just need a trim since I'm enjoying having long hair for now.

Maybe I should wait until I move.  I may get to a new climate and realize I want different hair.  Though I doubt it.

Otherwise...I bought two BIG boxes at Lowes yesterday.  One is for my artwork, and the other is for...all things big.  This includes Scrabble, my cutting board, my baking pans....

When I look at my living room, I am amuused.  There are 10 finished boxes, 4 open and still being organized/filled boxes.  On the other side there are 6 boxes, 6 big bags of donation clothes, a pile of work bags I'm donating to Women Helping Women, broken laptops, a printer, a scanner, a box of electronics....all going to Green Recycling....

Friday, September 7, 2012

18th - THE DAY

It is set in stone.

I close on the 18th!

I spent my morning trying to decide between two types of movers.

1.) $$$ - expensive but a flat rate for all your stuff, no matter how much, and they deliver the next day or...the day after that or the day after that depending on what you want.

2.) $$ - $600 less than option 1 providing your stuff is less than 2000 pounds.  The hitch is they can deliver your stuff within 7 days, and you don't know until the day before that your stuff is coming.

I sat trying to decide how much reliability meant to me, and if it really meant $600.  My plan was to move out, drive to Fresno to drop off some stuff and visit my friends, and then go to SF.  I decided on option 2 because...$600 is a lot of money to pay for peace of mind when it comes to...this.

I also sat around trying to figure out how much all my worldly possessions weigh.  I'm fairly confident that it's under 2000 pounds, especially as I start chucking everything I own.

Then the question came down to...if I close on Tuesday, when do I want to move?  I decided Tuesday.  It's just easier than having to stay at a friend's house and...I guess I don't have to super clean the house for the next people.  I mean I'll do a sweep or something but...after how difficult it's been I don't need to have fresh flowers waiting for them.  Though I do plan to have informational sticky notes stuck around the house...and am leaving them some kind of regifted gift.

I also sold my washer and dryer today!  I am so happy and relieved.  Now I have to figure out what to do with the refrigerator.  Edison has a recycling program and they'll pay you $35 if it still works...but they come on Saturdays and Tuesdays only, and their window is 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  So they'd have to come on Saturday, which perishable food for a few days.  I'm not sure if I can survive on peanut butter and rice cakes.

10 boxes are labelled and taped and stacked up.  5 of them are books.  The rest are all office supplies.  This is AFTER I purged my major office supplies.  I laugh that I have one box of "official office supplies" and one box of "colorful office supplies".

I have broken out my many scarves and they are serving useful purposes: protecting my one lamp, wrapping pencil cups.  I don't want to use them for real cups because I have no idea the last time I WASHED my scarves, and I don't want gross sweaty scarves wrapping clean happy drinking glasses.

That's another thing.  I went through a drinking glass...phase.  I have two sets of colorful cups (one acrylic, one glass), short cups, tall skinny cups, red wine goblets, martini glasses (ironic since I drink neither red wine nor martinis...I just like to be fancy when I drink juice), random glasses that have farm animals on them....white mugs, black mugs, soup mugs, latte mugs (I use them for cereal), travel mugs.

I'm going to cut down my mugs to 1/2 what I have.  Good-bye, martini glasses, tall glasses, white mugs, acrylic glasses...and half my soup/latte mugs.  I don't have a dishwasher anymore; I can't afford to be that fast and loose with the cups!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Closing Date / Moving Tips

YES.  I have a closing date.  September 18th!

I am trying to figure out what to do about movers.  Do I own less than 2000 pounds of stuff?  I think I do...but who can really tell?

My piano is gone; back to Fresno.  I'm sad about it, but I'll see it again.  I forgot to send the box labelled PIANO with it.  But the piano movers did take 5 boxes of random music education stuff and VHS tapes.

Since college, I have moved....4 times and am preparing for my 5th move.  I haven't even been out of college for 10 years yet, and considering I've lived in my house for 3 do the math.  Having moved so many times, however, I have some moving tips.

1.) Get Staples brand file boxes in the packs of 10 and use a coupon.  Even full price, it ends up less than $2 per box and most of your stuff will fit in a file box.

2.) Organize the stuff going into the boxes by rooms and groups.  For instance: BEDROOM - BOOKS 1 - CLASSICS

3.) Label all 4 sides of the box.  If moving to anywhere bigger than a studio, color code your boxes by room so you can find the boxes you need faster --  The first time I hired movers to move, I stupidly labelled only the tops of the boxes.  What was I thinking?

4.) Allow yourself a junk box where you put all the extraneous stuff you couldn't categorize or couldn't fit into other boxes.  Do NOT allow yourself 20 junk boxes.  You will cry later!

5.) Use your clothes as packing material.  CLEAN socks go into glasses and cups.  Towels, sheets, scarves can all be used to wrap dishes and glasses (that are filled with your socks).  Pants separate dishes really well, actually.

6.) Pack a suitcase or two full of stuff you will need for at least a week after moving.  Don't forget a set of sheets for your bed, A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER, towels....

7.) Don't pack your scissors.  Put them into your suitcase...or purse...or make a necklace and wear it around your neck.

8.) Stack your boxes by category.  They don't always get moved that way and they don't always end up that way, but if all your bedroom boxes are in two columns there's a better chance of you finding them.

9.) Find out ahead of time if the place you are moving into has curtains.  When I first moved into my house, the giant sliding glass door into my 1st floor bedroom had no blinds or curtains, and after I moved I had to go to Target and Ikea to buy window hardware and curtains.  I guess you could do temporary curtains and just use a sheet and some thumbtacks but that's kind of sad....but do what ya gotta do.

10.) Know the phone number of a delivery food place close to your new place.  Once you move in you will be hungry.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Twin Power - Boxes

I was watching Unique Eats when there was suddenly a shot of a girl taking a big bite of food.  For a split second, I genuinely I on tv??  Is that me???

I paused tv, rewound, watched it again.  Rewound.  Watched it again.  Rewound.  Paused.  Stared at the tv with amazement.  How is that NOT me?  I took a picture of the girl with my phone and just...she seriously looks exactly like me.  Somewhere in the world, I have a twin.  I then proceeded to instagram and facebook the photo as well as text it to my friends and family.  If she doesn't look exactly like me, she looks exactly the way I THINK I look.

I've halfheartedly begun to pack.  By pack I mean...throw away all my stuff / put things in bags to be donated.  I hate packing almost as much as I hate unpacking.  I'd rather just get rid of all my stuff, to be honest.  And having already gone through the purging process with my classrooms, it's a well established fact that I can get rid of all my belongings fairly heartlessly.

I am giving away almost all of my school t-shirts, DARE shirts, instrumental music shirts...the donation people are going to laugh when they open up that bag.  I'm throwing away tattered shoes I've had for 10 years and shorts I know I won't wear in San Francisco.

Confident I can pack up my belongings in 2 days if I really try, I'm going at a snails pace.  The major sorting / purging has to happen in my office area.

What do I do with 10 years worth of checkbook registers and duplicate checks?


I have boxes and boxes of them.....

I'd ask my parents but I'm certain they have over 50 years of checkbook registers and duplicate checks.