Monday, September 17, 2012

1 More Day....

I have too much stuff.

Final box count: 79

That's more than 50.  I have 2 boxes of cleaning supplies.  2 boxes of cords.  I had to put my printer in a box.  My heater went in a box by itself, too.

I'm also concerned about what has to fit in my car tomorrow.  A cello, a violin, a viola, 2 guitars, 2 pillows, a toolbox, a drill kit, 2 airplane sized suitcases, one small suitcase, a trash can, a hamper, a backpack, a comforter (hopefully...I want it to go over the top of everything), a humidifier, a water filter pitcher, a box of piano music, a pack of toilet paper....I think that's it.  It's all the stuff that either 1.) Need to go to my parents, 2.) Are too fragile and/or precious for movers, 3.) I need day 1 as I move in.

I looked online, and apparently you're supposed to tip 5%.  I guess that means I've been super overtipping for a long time.  Oh well.  I'd rather over tip than under tip, especially since I hate moving.  And even knowing this, I'll end up over tipping.  I like to tip twice, personally, too.

Today, I met my ex-coworker M~ for lunch, and he let me know what's going on in the school year.  It makes me glad that I'm not there.  I also went to one of my old schools to drop off some donation items.  I tried to time it so minimal kids would see me, but I definitely drew a crowd.  That was nice, actually.  I miss the good kids and interacting with them.  It was also reassuring to know I was also missed.

The rest of the day was spent packing.  It's absolutely absurd.  How do I have this much stuff?  How did this happen?

I'm now a little concerned about being over the 2000 pound minimum.

Oh, I also learned that to get a money order at Vons, you need to have cash.  I went to the bank for a money order or cashiers check, and they sent me to Ralphs.  Ralphs was out of order.  I went to Vons, and then they sent me back to the bank to get cash.  It wasn't wonderful.

Tomorrow's move is at 8 a.m.  I am waking up at 6 a.m. to get ready.  Towels have to be folded and put in the hamper, as well as sheets.  My economy sized shampoo bottles and lotions are already sitting in my lined trash can (so when I move I'll have shampoo and conditioner and soap but I'll also have a usable trash can).

I laugh at people when they ask if I'm moving myself or am getting a uhaul.


Hold your breath.

Let's go!

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