Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 More Days...

Still 52.  I may do another one tonight.

My washer and dryer got picked up today, along with my desk and desk chair and a lamp.  Hooray for selling things!  My friend H~ brought a UHaul and we filled it with a porch swing, patio furniture, a book case, 5 dining room chairs, a floor lamp, my media cabinet...and 3 boxes of stuff for him.  He helped me get the TV off the wall. 

Another friend, D~, took a tv off my hands, a dvd/vcr combo, 2 boxes of stuff, a hamper that rolls, a rolly cart, a set of dishes and mugs...

I got a tire replaced on my car, went to Ikea with D~ to pick up my replacement media furniture, met my cousin there and a former coworker.

I'm tired.

Ants are invading my house.  Biggest tip I can give you: ANTS HATE ORANGE OIL.  Go buy some Pledge orange oil and ants will run from it.  Best tip I can give you.  And then your house smells all orangey and not like...poison.  I also put out a trap in the 2nd bathroom, since I never use the second bathroom, so hopefully that will lure them away.  I figured out where they're coming from.  There's a small hole in the bottom corner of my bedroom that faces the backyard.  I thought of orange oil spraying that hole but then was worried the giant trail of ants would panic and go all through the house.

I hate being in bed and finding an ant crawling on me.

Not too much left to do.  Final box of breakables, as I found a few forgotten items.  Clothes and hangers.  Artwork.  Maybe an hour or two of work, but I just...don't feel like it.  I'm concentrating on feeling like a beached whale (I ate so much food) and killing ants.

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