Saturday, September 15, 2012

4 More Days....

41 finished boxes (3 are ready, but haven't been taped)

It was 106 degrees today.  And what was I doing when the high hit?  I was lugging heavy items around town for donation.

Women Helping Women is an organization that helps people get back on their feet and into the work force.  I donated 4 nice coats (they were from a time when I was heavier, but I loved the coats so I held onto them), 2 work bags (I bought them back when I thought I needed to look like an adult to teach....before I switched back to messenger bags and backpacks), 3 purses, a random suit my mom bought me that looks like it's for a 45 year old woman taller than I am, and a big box of lotions/perfumes/shower gels.  Every year, my students get me TONS of those sets of lotions/body sprays/shower gels, and over the years I have accumulated a shockingly large amount. I use them, but the rate in which I use them does not keep up with the influx.  And I don't use perfume or body sprays....or lotions that are extremely fragrant (I end up getting distracted by myself).  I was so relieved to find a place to where I could donate it all.

I also took electronics to be recycled at a green friendly place.  4 laptops, 1 desktop, a box of random cords and small electronics, 2 printers, 1 scanner from the mid 90s, and my giant 1999 boombox (that was sad to give away, but it is comically huge).  I had to deposit it in a storage unit, and it was painfully obvious that I had never been to a storage unit before.  First, I couldn't get the lock unlocked.  Then, I couldn't figure out how to open the unit.  I kept looking for a handle to pull up the door.  There should be a handle.

Otherwise, it's just been boxing stuff.  All that kitchen stuff ended up taking more boxes than I thought.  While dishes and bowls fit efficiently into a box or two, I have so many ridiculously large items that I became annoyed with myself.  A family sized salad bowl.  2 sets of big bowls (sets, not just a bowl).  A salad spinner.  Random mixing bowls that are bigger than my head.  Each one of these things took one box, and then I had to find random things to fill the boxes.  I tried to keep it cohesive, and if it was something I used often I tried to fill the box with random things I use often.

I think I'm going to leave the punch bowl at my house and pretend I forgot it.

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