Tuesday, September 11, 2012

7 More Days

I didn't pack any boxes today.

I've started watching AT&T and signing up for phone services up until the point I can choose my phone number.  I'm going to keep going back until I find a number I like and think I can remember.

I DID redeem my ULTA Rewards points today and got a free haircut and skin treatment.

It was my first facial ever, and it was free, so why not?  I had to fill out a 28 question survey about my skin and skin care routine.  The skin lady was very patient with my questions ("What's the difference between soap and cleanser?")  She asked my biggest concern and I mentioned the scars I had from students hitting me in the face with their bows (they're fading, but they're still there), so we went with an exfoliating skin...treatment.  I sat in a chair, clipped my hair, and she proceeded to rub things on my face and then wipe them off.  It was very odd.  I'm not comfortable having strangers touch my face.  I'm not that comfortable with people I KNOW touching my face.  I'm all flinchy.   Maybe it has something to do with being hit in the face on a regular basis by an errant bow...

She asked what I did, and I mentioned until recently I was a music teacher.  When she asked how long, and I said 8 years, she stopped and exclaimed, "8 years?!!  I thought you were like...21!!"  21 is pushing it.  But I laughed and said I was in my 30s.  Thank you, genetics.

The haircut was LAME, though, and I'm glad it was free.  She had me sit down, asked me what I wanted (a trim of 1-2 inches and my bangs cleaned up).  Now, usually, when I get shampooed it's like a massage for my head and I go to my happy place and nearly take a nap.  This woman...assaulted my head.  She was so rough and I thought I had offended her in some way.  Also, I normally start in a chair and get leaned backward, but with her I sat in a chair and just tilted my head into the sink so water was going down my face from my bangs.

She did some snipping here and there and...the way she tousled my hair made me feel like she was hitting me in the head.  I was rather amused.  I know the haircut is free, but...shouldn't you be trying to wow me with your awesomeness so I'll come back and actually pay?  After  5 minutes or so, she then went to check on another customer's color...for a really long time.  Like 15 minutes.  She came and started to blow dry my hair, at which point I thought...did she cut my hair?  Then 30 seconds later she asked another lady to come and finish the blow drying.  The lady finished the blow drying, and then we had a conversation.  And then I had a conversation with another salon lady.  They were really nice.  Then the original haircut lady came back, looked at my ends, and said I was done.

When I got up, I tried to sneak a peek at the floor because I really couldn't tell if she had actually cut my hair or not.  It felt shorter, but my mind can trick itself into believing things.  I swear there was barely any hair on the floor, and even 1-2 inches results in a big pile for me.  And my hair wasn't all the way dry.  I begrudgingly gave her a tip, though I kept it modest.  But it WAS a free haircut, so I felt she should get something.

Oh well.

I'm glad I didn't pay for that service.

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