Sunday, September 9, 2012

9 More Days...

...until I move out.

I woke up, for the second day in a row, with a headache that's either a caffeine hangover or a fatigue headache (the third kind I get is a "my contacts are the wrong prescription" headache).  This is why I haven't packed my Motrin, yet.

I know I'm moving to a city where there's everything.  Everything, except a Target.  And an Ulta.  Target is coming to SF in "the fall", I read, which serves as much relief.  I go to Target at LEAST once a week.  I have a red card.  The employees recognize me.

So today, I went to stock up on some items that, while I know I can access it in some way in SF, it'll be a lot more inconvenient than just driving 5 minutes down the street, parking for free in the lot, and going home.  I'd like to thank my students for helping pay for: shampoo, 24 pairs of socks (if I have to pay for laundry, I'm buying a bunch of socks), ELF face wipes and face powder, apricot scrub, cotton pads, and....well some salami and a birthday card for my mom :)

At ULTA, I bought some skin stuff, including a toner that is only magically available at ULTAs and disappeared fro mall other stores.  Upon checking out, I eagerly asked, "Do I have enough points for a free haircut??"  Why yes, I do!  A free haircut and a free facial, which will be interesting since I've never had a facial before.

I haven't had my hair cut in about a year, because it's so expensive.  My hair is long....nobody will really notice if it's not being cut, right?  I just need a trim since I'm enjoying having long hair for now.

Maybe I should wait until I move.  I may get to a new climate and realize I want different hair.  Though I doubt it.

Otherwise...I bought two BIG boxes at Lowes yesterday.  One is for my artwork, and the other is for...all things big.  This includes Scrabble, my cutting board, my baking pans....

When I look at my living room, I am amuused.  There are 10 finished boxes, 4 open and still being organized/filled boxes.  On the other side there are 6 boxes, 6 big bags of donation clothes, a pile of work bags I'm donating to Women Helping Women, broken laptops, a printer, a scanner, a box of electronics....all going to Green Recycling....

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