Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boxes Gone!

3 craigslisters visits later, all my boxes and all my wrapping paper are gone.

And yet, my place still looks messy.  Because it is.

I cannot figure out how to fit all my junk on my kitchen counter.  Microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, cutting board, dish rack...it's too much!

Not much happened today.  Went to Whole Foods and it's not actually as expensive as I thought it would be!  Last year I switched from Vons to Sprouts because Sprouts was cheaper and fresher, and Sprouts and Whole Foods seem to be pretty similar in pricing thus far.  But when I want some caramel sauce from a squeeze bottle, I'm not sure where I'm going to go.  And my beloved Tropicana 50 is...nowhere to be found.

Found my new hardware store.  Soko Hardware, in Japantown, is awesome.  I thought it would be very...Japanese, and just sell Japanese hardware (I'm not sure what that would be, but still...I was imagining rice bowls...which they did have...), but they also had normal hardware stuff and TONS of it.  Way better than the Ace Hardware I went to yesterday, and they were all really nice.  I had a conversation with the cashier about how to say tomato and potato.  I convinced him to be British about it.

On another note, New Girl is my absolute favorite show.  When it came out last year, I told everybody...they made a show about me!  A quirky teacher who randomly bursts into song?  Uh...hello?  The episode when they introduced Asian Jess...oh my goodness, that was too exciting for me.  In an interesting twist, Jess...became unemployed this episode!  Granted, she was let go and I...let go, but it's interesting watching her deal with being jobless.

I learned today that my stove doesn't work.  Making strawberry jam doesn't work when there is no heat.  I will have to work that out later.

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