Thursday, September 6, 2012

Closing Date / Moving Tips

YES.  I have a closing date.  September 18th!

I am trying to figure out what to do about movers.  Do I own less than 2000 pounds of stuff?  I think I do...but who can really tell?

My piano is gone; back to Fresno.  I'm sad about it, but I'll see it again.  I forgot to send the box labelled PIANO with it.  But the piano movers did take 5 boxes of random music education stuff and VHS tapes.

Since college, I have moved....4 times and am preparing for my 5th move.  I haven't even been out of college for 10 years yet, and considering I've lived in my house for 3 do the math.  Having moved so many times, however, I have some moving tips.

1.) Get Staples brand file boxes in the packs of 10 and use a coupon.  Even full price, it ends up less than $2 per box and most of your stuff will fit in a file box.

2.) Organize the stuff going into the boxes by rooms and groups.  For instance: BEDROOM - BOOKS 1 - CLASSICS

3.) Label all 4 sides of the box.  If moving to anywhere bigger than a studio, color code your boxes by room so you can find the boxes you need faster --  The first time I hired movers to move, I stupidly labelled only the tops of the boxes.  What was I thinking?

4.) Allow yourself a junk box where you put all the extraneous stuff you couldn't categorize or couldn't fit into other boxes.  Do NOT allow yourself 20 junk boxes.  You will cry later!

5.) Use your clothes as packing material.  CLEAN socks go into glasses and cups.  Towels, sheets, scarves can all be used to wrap dishes and glasses (that are filled with your socks).  Pants separate dishes really well, actually.

6.) Pack a suitcase or two full of stuff you will need for at least a week after moving.  Don't forget a set of sheets for your bed, A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER, towels....

7.) Don't pack your scissors.  Put them into your suitcase...or purse...or make a necklace and wear it around your neck.

8.) Stack your boxes by category.  They don't always get moved that way and they don't always end up that way, but if all your bedroom boxes are in two columns there's a better chance of you finding them.

9.) Find out ahead of time if the place you are moving into has curtains.  When I first moved into my house, the giant sliding glass door into my 1st floor bedroom had no blinds or curtains, and after I moved I had to go to Target and Ikea to buy window hardware and curtains.  I guess you could do temporary curtains and just use a sheet and some thumbtacks but that's kind of sad....but do what ya gotta do.

10.) Know the phone number of a delivery food place close to your new place.  Once you move in you will be hungry.

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