Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello, San Francisco!

After spending a day in Fresno (enjoying the 94 degree heat), today I made my way up to San Francisco.  It took 3 hours and 15 minutes because I was really scared to speed.  My friends have all told me their stories of getting speeding tickets, so I obeyed the speed limit as conscientiously as possible.

On the way to San Francisco there are hills and hills of wind turbines.  They make me happy.  In 8th grade, we had a list of things to find (a certain kind of rock, something with a fulcrum, and a picture of a turbine...I think).  I brought coal, a nutcracker, and made my parents pull over by the wind turbines to take pictures for my science assignment.

The Bay Bridge was also really nice.  I want to look at EVERYTHING, which can cause problems while driving.  I was really hoping I wouldn't crash into anybody!  O_o  Upon getting off the bridge and into the city, I hit lane closure after lane closure, and of course it was always the lane I was in.  And unlike Southern California, they don't take 50 feet to slowly ween the lane away, they give you 2 or 3 feet!  But I find in Southern California, when you have to switch lanes (for whatever reason), people don't want to let you in.  They speed up so you can't get in and it's very stressful.  Because of this, my stress level started shooting up as soon as I was having to constantly merge, but unlike Southern California....San Franciscans let you in!  You signal, and they wait for you and allow you to merge in front of them!  It was...amazing.

It took about 8 trips up and down to and from my car to get everything unloaded.  I met my next door neighbor, K~, who was really friendly and nice and welcomed me to the building (we met in the elevator).

Now, I am resting on my air mattress.  The real one comes tomorrow.  Last night, I wore a tank top and shorts to bed.  Tonight, I'm wearing a sweatshirt and flannel pants.  =)  Makes me happy.  I had udon for dinner.  I went to Daiso and bought 6 scrubby sponges, 2 packages of shelf paper, and the most Naoko apron (rainbow polka dots with orange trim), all for $6.

Tomorrow is moving in day!  The mess will exploded everywhere, I suspect.

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