Friday, September 21, 2012

My Stuff Has Arrived!

I slept on an air mattress last night.  I think I forgot how cold 45 degrees is, because I convinced myself that flannel pajamas with a sweatshirt would be warm enough despite the fact that I only had sheets.  I was very very wrong.  Even with my heater on, I was freezing!  At some point, I got up and went to the bathroom to get my towel so I would have another layer.

This morning, promptly at 9:30, my movers came.  While I'm sure they deliver to San Francisco, I was very impressed that they got all that STUFF up to the second floor in such a small elevator (it's not even 5 feet wide!).  I also managed to, on craigslist, find someone who was looking for boxes, so fortunately I won't have to recycle ALL of these ridiculous boxes.

Speaking of which, they finished around noon, and I have now unpacked approximately 16 boxes.  It's hard to tell, because I also just shoved 4 of my Christmas boxes into the closet as that is where they will live until Christmas time.

It's interesting that the movers in RSM, the movers here in SF, and the cable guy all asked me if I was moving here by myself.  One mover today asked, "Who's the lucky guy?"  My answer was, "I'm my own lucky guy."

They found that amusing.

Anyways, now it's just unpacking time.  I can't stand living out of boxes, so I can usually unpack pretty quickly.  It already seems more like my home now that my stuff is in it.  Wherever my rainbow Ikea rug goes, that's where I feel my home is :)

I'm tired.  I've been going to bed relatively early and waking up early.  Very unlike me, but that's okay.

Is 8:10 too early for bed?

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