Monday, September 24, 2012


I finally ventured more than 3 blocks from my apartment in search for some much needed items.

My phone is dying, so I went to Office Depot to buy a new landline phone.  I went to The Container Store to buy a dishrack, a dishrack mat, a bin for my hair dryer/flat iron/curling wand/hair brushes, and adhesive hooks for my pots and pans.  Ross for a bathmat, and Ace Hardware for a new showerhead (because the one in my apartment is maybe an inch in diameter and is ill equipped to get shampoo out of 26 inches of hair.

I learned something important today.  I am normally a one trip shopper; I like to have a list of things to get, drive around to get them, and then go back home.  I forgot one important detail: I hate to drive, so I took the bus.  It is very difficult to walk around with that many bags and then get on the bus, scan your Clipper Card (my bus pass), and then sit on the bus.  Even at 2:40 in the afternoon, the bus was crowded enough that I was annoyed with myself for taking up any of the aisle.

Nobody complained, though or seemed even remotely annoyed.

Getting ON the bus on my way to go shop, however, a couple asked if the 41 took you to downtown.  I responded with, "I have no idea; I moved here Friday."  Considering we were at the bus stop for the 38 and 38L I was particularly confused.  Is there even a 41?  THEY got annoyed at me, like I had tried to trick them into thinking I was a long time San Franciscan.


Otherwise, upon walking around my neighborhood to go to Walgreens, I noticed that almost everybody either smiles or smiles and says "Hello!" to me.  I know I said that yesterday,'s just so nice.  People are nice.  I guess I'm not used to that...

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