Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ferry Building

In my attempt to not be a hermit, I set my alarm clock for 10:00 (yes, I had to set my alarm clock) and was out the door by 11:15 to go take a walking tour of the Ferry Building.

The tour was given by San Francisco City Guides, and is "free" but they ask for donations.  I met the tour guide at the bottom of the steps, and she just had a "tour guide" look to her.  It turned out to be just me and one other older gentleman, so that was pretty cool.  But she kept asking us questions, and I am notoriously ignorant when it comes to anything historical.  It just doesn't stick.  I DID get the question, "Does anybody know what Eureka stands for?" and was surprised I still remember it from 2nd grade.  Thank you, Mrs. Schneider.  That was the year I also learned a koala is a marsupial, how to multiply, divide, and write in cursive.  Big year.

After the tour was done, I walked around that area.  I really like it!  You get the bay views, the big giant building, and it's busy without being SCARY busy.  I took a picture of a random rocket ship, walked down a pier, saw a giant bow and arrow before looping back around.

All I want to do, every single day, is eat bread.  San Francisco just BEGS for you to eat its delicious food.  I resisted, and finally broke in my kitchen, making marinated pork chops (marinated in rosemary, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil) and roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese.  My big main electric coil is lopsided, so my pans are all askew unless I use a heavy cast iron skillet.  I can't figure out what's wrong.   I feel like the coil is just...wrong.

I also changed my auto insurance today, finally, and bought myself some health insurance.  Since my coverage from being a teacher ends at the end of this month, I thought i should get some.  I'm very accident prone and it doesn't seem like something I should risk.

My Sketchers also came in the mail!  In the next week I should be getting numerous packages.  Even though i'm technically jobless right now, there were just a lot of things that I needed to buy that made practical sense.  I bought Sketchers Go Walk shoes online (two pairs) to replace my numerous Payless sneakers.  They're really comfortable walking around my apartment, so I look forward to trying it out on the streets.

Tomorrow, curtain rods should come.  w00t.

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