Monday, September 3, 2012

Twin Power - Boxes

I was watching Unique Eats when there was suddenly a shot of a girl taking a big bite of food.  For a split second, I genuinely I on tv??  Is that me???

I paused tv, rewound, watched it again.  Rewound.  Watched it again.  Rewound.  Paused.  Stared at the tv with amazement.  How is that NOT me?  I took a picture of the girl with my phone and just...she seriously looks exactly like me.  Somewhere in the world, I have a twin.  I then proceeded to instagram and facebook the photo as well as text it to my friends and family.  If she doesn't look exactly like me, she looks exactly the way I THINK I look.

I've halfheartedly begun to pack.  By pack I mean...throw away all my stuff / put things in bags to be donated.  I hate packing almost as much as I hate unpacking.  I'd rather just get rid of all my stuff, to be honest.  And having already gone through the purging process with my classrooms, it's a well established fact that I can get rid of all my belongings fairly heartlessly.

I am giving away almost all of my school t-shirts, DARE shirts, instrumental music shirts...the donation people are going to laugh when they open up that bag.  I'm throwing away tattered shoes I've had for 10 years and shorts I know I won't wear in San Francisco.

Confident I can pack up my belongings in 2 days if I really try, I'm going at a snails pace.  The major sorting / purging has to happen in my office area.

What do I do with 10 years worth of checkbook registers and duplicate checks?


I have boxes and boxes of them.....

I'd ask my parents but I'm certain they have over 50 years of checkbook registers and duplicate checks.

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