Saturday, September 22, 2012


4 boxes left to unbox!

Yeah, you read that right.  I'm very serious about the unpacking process.  Feeling settled and at home is very important to me.

I woke up completely sore in a way that felt as though I had worked out for the first time in a year.  Except I hadn't.  I just picked up and put down boxes for hours on end.

I"m realizing that moving artwork from a house with ample wall space to an apartment less than half the size...makes you look like a crazy person.  It's like ADD for the eyes.  It reminds me a little bit of my teenage self and how I loved to have decorations EVERYWHERE.  I think I need to take some things down

I also slept more than 10 hours and had to force myself out of bed.  I was so gloriously comfortable, and my sleep has been minimal this past week.

I still haven't bought proper food.  I had a breakfast of caramel wafers and potato chips.  By dinner time, I convinced myself to go buy some prepared food.  Since Japantown is a 4 minute walk away, it was the winner.  In the middle of Japantown, I saw a storm trooper.  I bought some dividers for my drawers and shelf paper.  I also bought 4 salmon onigiris (rice balls) and a ham and cheese Japanese sandwich (the bread is really thin and the sandwich is very dainty).

On my way back, aside from seeing a few homeless people (including a woman who was carrying around a giant egg carton bed cushion thing), the adults I passed by all smiled at me.  I love that I live in a city where people smile at each other!

Running out of space in my kitchen cabinets, I think I'm going to buy some adhesive hooks and hang all my pots and pans.  I am also now certain that Vans are not going to cut it in this city.  I need a dish rack.  I may go downtown tomorrow....we'll see.

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