Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exploratorium Adventure

Took the 22 up Fillmore to the Palace of Fine Arts today!  Well, actually, I took the bus to Lombard and then walked to the Palace of Fine Arts :)  When I walked out of my own apartment it was warm.  When I got off the bus it was freezing cold and I really regretted wearing shorts and not having a jacket.

Palace of Fine Arts
I haven't been to the Exploratorium since I was a little kid.  I remember 3 things: 1.) The mirror wall that makes you look like you're floating, 2.) The distorted room that gets smaller as you walk into it, and 3.) I really wanted this toy of nails that makes an outline of whatever you put under it, but my dad wouldn't get it for me.

It's interesting how differently things seem as an adult.  It was still big, but not BIGGGG like it was when I was little.  I walked around playing with things, realizing I was one of a few adults there without a kid.  It was free Wednesday, but I guess I should've gone earlier in the morning rather than at 2:30 to avoid the mobs of little ones.

The highlight was the theremin.  Oh yes.  I played a theremin.  Did I stand there for a little too long and try and figure out all the tones and where they were?  Why yes, I did.  Did I play the Star Trek theme on it?  Why yes, yes I did.

Yeah.  I played the Star Trek theme on a theremin at the Exploratorium today.

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