Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween

How am I celebrating?  Well, I got out of bed at 11:30 this morning, and by "got out of" I mean "dragged myself out of".  I ate breakfast and had planned on going to Target again except...there was a massive parade (GO GIANTS!) happening, and when I hear there are 1 million people where I'd like to get my coffee creamer, I'm inclined to wait.

I don't run toward the crowd, I walk quickly away.

I was so exhausted that I decided to lie down for a little while.  I fell asleep while Rachael Ray was on, around 2:30, and woke up when Paula was making cinnamon rolls at almost 5:30.  Oops.  Yeah, I was productive today.

I'm kind of grinchy when it comes to Halloween.  I usually tell my annual story to my students, but since I have no students, I will retell it via blog.

I was 5, and my mom had made me a Big Bird costume.  It was my very first Halloween, and I didn't quite understand what was happening; I was just excited to go to school as Big Bird.  When it comes to trick-or-treating, there are two types of parents: 1.) Parents who walk with their kids up to the door, or 2.) Parents who wait by the sidewalk and send their kids up to the door without them.  My parents fell into the latter category

So, with my plastic jack-o-lantern, I went up to one of the last doors of the evening.  A man who lived on my street.  He jumped out wearing a monster mask, and growled at me.  Freaking out, I threw my jack-o-lantern full of candy at his head and ran away.

Hey, I was 5.

I don't think anybody was planning on me attacking my attacker.

Apparently, I am fight then flight :)

After that, I have vague memories of Halloween.  I was an angel.  I was a witch.  In 6th grade I won "the most creative costume" in my class because I was a painter and walked around with a brush and a bucket and had painted my clothes.  I didn't dress up again until my senior year of high school when my friends wanted to go trick-or-treating for the last time.  I wore my Youth Symphony dress and a fishing hat and told people I was a witch on vacation.

Every Halloween, the dress code was bent at school to allow hats, so every year I'd wear a hat on Halloween.  No costume.  I'm surprised nobody ever said anything about that, in retrospect.

A couple years ago, after avoiding my co-worker's Halloween party for years, I finally went as Edna Mode from the Incredibles.  It just involved buying a $5 pair of glasses and curling my hair inward.

I DO like the candy involved, and take the opportunity to buy tons of Reese's and Butterfingers.  I've eaten 5 already.  Maybe that's why I needed a nap; sugar crash.

To those who do enjoy it and celebrate it, have fun and be safe!

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