Saturday, October 13, 2012


I visited the SFMOMA on Thursday night.  It's my first venture out into the world at night all by myself :)  And that's because it is half priced on Thursday nights!  Below is the entrance that twinkles at you with exciting possibilities...

I spent a lot of time going to museums as a kid.  Whenever I walk through museums now, as an adult, I'm struck with how little I know.  I spent Thursday looking at everything, mulling it over, observing it...but being acutely aware that I really should know more.

I suppose it makes sense.  I never took an art class, aside from a watercolor summer school class in 3rd grade.  I still have the painting.  I didn't realize that watercolor meant the waters were going to flow into each other, and I got very upset that I couldn't keep the colors separate.  What did I know, I was 8!  

My horoscope said that a job would find me this weekend.  

We will see :)

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