Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I love Target.

I usually got AT LEAST once a week.  Usually twice.  Back in Orange County, I'd go to two separate Targets so they wouldn't know just how often I went.

Upon moving to SF and discovering there was NO Target, I immediately had difficulty finding...things.  Where do you buy a bathmat?

Fortunately for me, Target opened last week in San Francisco!  Hooray!  I keep joking that they must have known I was coming.  Well, today, I finally went to go visit.  I tried to go in the middle of the day, hoping it wouldn't be too crazy.

I walked in, Starbucks on the right, and athletic apparel on the left in this separate little store area.  Directly in front were escalators.  Huh?  Escalators in a Target?  After checking out the athletic apparel (which I don't need at all), I went upstairs.  The layout is...weird.  I know the 3 different types of usual Target layouts.  This was nothing like any of them.

It was so disorienting.

It makes sense that the layout would have to be different to accommodate a city type of building.  It's not a suburb; there's not plenty of land to spread yourself out on.  The pharmacy was right there (where the Starbucks USUALLY is), and then on one side was women's apparel and on the other side was cosmetics and bath stuff.  You keep going and men's apparel is on the left, and pantry groceries are on the right and fresh groceries are right in front.  You turn to the left and walk through home goods, and then way in the back are electronics.  Circling back around you have...the stuff I never look at.  The garage/sporting goods stuff.

This is going to take me a while to get used to.

I ended up buying Doritos, Cheez Its, 2 packages of Kleenex handiwipes to go, a vest, Mio, trash bags...I think that's it.  I still needed more stuff but that filled my one bag, and I've learned to only go on the bus with one extraneous bag (not including the backpack I tote around everywhere).

I hung out in Union Square for a little while, taking in some sun, trying to be somewhat human.  It's fun to watch all the different types of people who walk through there.  I also like to try to guess who are tourists.  The giant overstuffed backpacks are a dead giveaway, especially when paired with a giant camera around your neck.  The fanny pack is also a good indication.  It's very fun :)

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