Saturday, November 24, 2012

BFFs :)

The best friends I have ever made, I made in elementary and middle school

They are the only friends I have who are not teachers or musicians.  =/  The funniest thing about them was said about one of my newer great friends, a fellow teacher who came to my birthday party.  When she met some of them, she said, "Oh my gosh!  Your Fresno friends are just like you, just in different fields!"  They are all very nice, funny, smart, and quirky in their own way.

I had dinner tonight with four of them tonight.  It always amazes me that we are able to pick up right where we left off.  I appreciate their friendship; now more than ever.  I appreciate that I didn't have to initiate the get together.  I appreciate that everyone was on time.  I appreciate that nobody forgot or didn't show up.

I am amused that all of us got carded when buying fruity drinks.  I had a pineapple mojito.  It tasted like pineapples.  :)

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