Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Faces and Star Trek

I learned if you walk around with a smiley face sweater, a lot of people smile at you.

I think everybody should wear smiley face sweaters all the time.

=)        --> (it's a picture from the website...not of me!)

I went to Guitar Center today in hopes of buying an awesome microphone for my iphone, and instead I bought a pretty okay microphone.  But for the 5 minutes I was in the store, I got complimented twice on my super awesome fingertipless gloves with Spiderman on the back and a web on the palm of the hands.  I like them because they have good grip (I use them to drive home so my hands to get tired) but have no finger tips so I can play cello and use my phone.

I came home to test out my new microphone.  Well, after I made stuffed mushrooms and half a baked potato.

So here it is!  Themes from Star Trek!
(While I'm not hardcore enough to be a Trekkie, I did watch TNG as a kid and made Lego versions of all the characters.  They would go on adventures.)

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