Thursday, November 29, 2012

I should really do something...

Maybe it's because I've never ever had this much down time.

And I do mean EVER.  I started piano lessons when I was 3.  I stared preschool when I was 4.  I took summer school during vacation and my mom made me do math and writing workbooks.  I took tap and ballet classes.  I took cello classes.  I never took that year off that people take during or after college.

This is the longest I've done nothing since I was literally 2.  And when I was 2 I was working on...I don't know, the ability to walk and speak and learn the alphabet.

Doing nothing has always been something I've treasured and waited for impatiently.  When I was a teacher, people would laugh when they asked me what I did during summer vacation, and I'd say, "Sleep."  When asked where I went during vacation, I'd say, "My couch.  And then my refrigerator.  Then my bed."

Spending so much time doing nothing in San Francisco is different, though.  I feel guilty.  There's so much to do in San Francisco that I feel I shouldn't be sitting here playing Chefville and watching Youtube videos.  I should go out and DO something.

But it's raining.

So instead, I've started reading two new books.  I appreciate that I have the time to read.  I'm distraught because Anna Karenina has come out in the movie theater, and that is my Everest of books.  I think I've attempted to read it maybe 9 or 10 times in the last 10 years.  The same thing always happens.  I start, I make a chart of all the names (those Russian names confuse me...why does everybody's name end with "sky" or "vich"?) read diligently....and then inevitably I get busy, and upon returning to the book have forgotten every character and what has happened.


On another note, a student let me know that their school has organized a mustache day!  =)  I find it thoroughly amusing that THAT is the legacy I left.  I find it thoroughly amusing that people, young and old, associate mustaches with me.  And cellos.  And the color orange.

That probably says something strange about me...

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