Sunday, November 11, 2012

Love Song - Sara Bareilles

I made yet another new video!

I really like this song!  What's funny about this is...I'm an okay piano player.  I'm an okay singer.  But with this song, I learned that if I try to sing and play piano at the same time...I'm terrible at both.  I become strangely tone deaf.

On another note, I met my across the hall neighbor!  He heard me practicing and knocked on the door. It's weird being able to be heard by...everybody when you're practicing.  That's the ugly part that you're supposed to hide from people =)  Well, not really, but maybe that's my own perspective.

I bought a microphone for my iPhone for the videos (this is how much I'm geeking out over it), which I think helps.  It wasn't a super expensive microphone or anything.  Maybe Santa will bring me one of those....

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