Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting 2013

Ask me my political party and....I can't tell you.  Because I forgot.

At 18, walking down Bruin Walk, I registered to vote, and I registered as a Green Party member.  Even though I'm very pro-environment, I mainly registered Green Party because I thought it was funny, I thought I'd get fewer phone calls and mail from the Democrat/Republican side, and I liked being a 3rd party.

I re-registered when I moved to SF, and I thought I'd give up the Green Party.  So I re-registered as another 3rd party...but...I can't remember which one.  Not Libertarian.  But.  Yes.  Clearly, political parties don't really matter to me in terms of labels.  =)

My polling place was across the street at a senior housing center.  I've voted mostly in schools and someone's garage once (that was weird), but voting at a senior housing center....where the poll people are mostly seniors and the people voting at 12:30 are seniors...let the hilarity ensue.

I walked into the voting room and noticed immediately that there were no machines.  Huh?  As I was trying to figure this out, a young man was fighting with an older poll guy (who I presume lives in the senior housing center) about the lack of machines and how our votes will take 7-10 days to be counted.  The poll person said, "Who are you getting your information from?" and they fought some more.  And the young man said he never had problems like these in Arizona, and the polling person said, "This is California!"  

I wasn't sure what that argument meant.  I'm living in the techiest city in the United States.  Shouldn't there be machines for everybody?

Then an old lady cut in front of me.  And the old lady in back of me pointed at her and said, "She's a Republican you know!"  The poll guy tried to shush the lady in back of me, and then she said, "Darling, what happened with the garden?  Who caved, darling?  She's a Republican!" at which point...I started laughing.

I checked in, and they handed me a folder and a pen.  I had to draw a line connecting two parts of an arrow to indicate my choice.  Seriously?  The young man who had been arguing before mumbled, "I don't want another hanging chad situation," which made me laugh.  I took out my notebook and diligently started filling out my ballot.  Good thing I wrote it all down.  There was very little description.

Part way through, one of the polling people started helping an older lady fill out her ballot, and they were very audibly talking about the choices.  "I don't want to vote for her!  I voted for her last time and she let me down!!!" yelled the older lady.  The poor guy said, "Well, you can vote for the other candidate..."  The older lady yelled out her opinions about every single person and ballot measure.

So much for not talking politics =)  

That's okay, though.  I found it all amusing, personally.  I spent a good 3 minutes looking for the cap of my voting pen, and was told when I went to return my pen that there was no cap.   <<<face palm>>>  While I found the whole process entertaining, I'm sure it won't be as entertaining to the people voting at 6:00 p.m. right after work is done.

My favorite part?  The sticker, of course.

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