Friday, December 7, 2012

Inner Richmond

Last night, I went out to Inner Richmond for the first time with my good friend, A~.

It was a free night, with all sorts of local businesses offering free goodies and raffles.  I think it was sponsored by The Bold Italic, a local newspaper, and Green Apple Books.

I arrived early, so I perused Green Apple Books.  I got stuck in the music section, as they had tons of CDs (and records) from various artists.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the one CD I was looking for (The Best of The Beta Band), but I still enjoyed perusing the various selections.  I love book stores...a little too much.  I tried to restrain myself from buying more books, as I am still working on the two that I bought during Thanksgiving.

Once A~ arrived, we entered the raffle at Green Apple Books.  Everyone who didn't win jokingly "boo"ed, which I found funny.  I appreciated that it was a funny boo and not a malicious boo.  We got some delicious free cookies.  Free hot chocolate, a free scoop of ice cream (salted caramel chocolate brownie for me!), A~ made a Christmas card, we got free tater tots (YUM!)...and then we ate dinner.

free cookies!
Hooray for free events!  And hooray for exploring new neighborhoods!

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