Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Or Happy Christmas, if you want to be British about it.

This is our fake Christmas tree that I put together for my parents.  They aren't really into Christmas, and my sister hasn't been back in over a decade since she started dating (and then marrying) her future husband.  It's really not the same without Santa.

But still, I like the holidays.  It felt the least holiday-ish this year, I think, since I wasn't teaching and had a pretty hermit-like lead in to the holiday.  That's okay, though.  I just wish people around me were more into it rather than complaining and asking to finally be done with Christmas.

I remember when I was little, and I'd wake up SUPER early and shake whatever present Santa would bring me (he brought one, unlike a lot of other families).  I'd count all my presents.  I'd shake my sister's present.  I strategically placed the presents I got/made for the rest of my family.  And then'd I'd wait impatiently for 7:00 to wake up the rest of my family.  We'd go through a series of Christmas pictures that were always the same every year.

My favorite memory is still from when I was 9, and I tried to shake my sister's present from Santa.  I was startled to find I couldn't pick it up!  It ended up being a television...

Sneaky, Santa.

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