Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pier 39

Yesterday, it had been my intention to go to Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf/Ghiradelli Square but awoke to find cloudiness and gloom.  Today was supposed to rain, and I woke up to find sunshine!

I didn't have as much time as I wanted, so I only went to Pier 39.  It was COLD!  I couldn't figure out how people were walking around in short sleeves when I had on jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a really thick sweater, a jacket, a scarf, and gloves!

Walking around, perusing the little shops, I didn't buy anything.  Maybe when I leave San Francisco I will buy something, but it seems a little odd to be walking around your own city with your city t-shirt.  Maybe that's just me.  I'm also in the phase of don't-buy-it-unless-you-need-it-or-really-really-love-it.

I was really tempted to get a waffle cone at the Dreyer's, but it was so cold I couldn't do it.  The smell was intoxicating, however.  I wish there was perfume that smelled like that...I would spray it on my arm...and then eat my arm.

See the rainbow?

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