Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes - Play By Play

I forgot the Golden Globes were on tonight.

I was out running errands and came back as Salma Hayek and Paul Rudd stood on stage.  I watched the Homeland guy win an award and then a long awkward pause.  I love that Paul Rudd, realizing there was a long awkward pause, just looked at the camera, smiled, and said, "Hello."

1.) I really like Paul Rudd.  I bet he's fun to hang out with.

2.) Watching John Goodman and the guy he was with, and then Jennifer Lopez trying to read off the teleprompter makes me think that either reading off a teleprompter is really hard, or actors are really bad at reading.

3.) Adele is lovely.  She was so genuinely excited.

4.) Until Kevin Costner won and they announced his former award for Dances With Wolves...I forgot he was a good actor.

5.) Wow, a lot of actors are super low energy and just bring the mood down.  Jessica Alba, I'm looking at you.

6.) Bill Clinton, what are you doing at the Golden Globes?  Clinton in a room full of actors...the actors just woke up.  And Clinton is much better at reading off the teleprompter.  Not surprising, but I'm relieved.  Spielberg looks excited.  Amy Poelher, "That was Hilary Clinton's husband!!"

7.) Will Ferrel is SO good at looking innocent and wondrous.

8.) Yeah, they should DEFINITELY have more comedians as presenters.  Kristen Wigg and Will Ferrel...everybody looks totally amused except Tommy Lee.

9.) "I beat Meryl!"  And now everybody hates Jennifer Lawrence :)

10.) John Krasinski!  Yay!  And he can read!  Double yay!  The more I see of this guy, the more I like him.

11.) Jonah Hill and Megan Fox?  Awesome pairing.  Jonah looks SO happy.

12.) Yay Anne Hathaway!  I love her, too.  And the fact she brought up Princess Diaries makes her more awesome.  Saying she would use her Golden Globe, a blunt object, as a weapon against self doubt...I love her.

13.) Wow, Jeremy Irons should do voice over work for dramatic movie trailers.

14.) I want to see Schwarzenegger get up and say, "I'm sorry for what I did to California."  It blows my mind that he was making ridiculous action movies, then became governor, and then...went back to making ridiculous action movies.  The halfhearted applause for him...was funny.  And the fact that a lot of people didn't clap at all is telling.

15.) Amy Poehler with George Clooney =)

16.) Man, I need to go see Les Mis.

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