Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well, I am officially sleeping and night and am awake during the day!

I've gone full circle and am now attempting to hold onto that schedule...though I'm slowly but surely inching forward little by little.  But it's great to be sleeping at night.  Instead of having a tv schedule that includes Frasier and Full House, I have now transitioned to daytime talk shows as I go about my morning business.  I watch The Chew now.  It's strangely entertaining...

But I miss watching Conan.  I'm going to sleep too early for Conan now.  I wish SF did the weird Orange County TV schedule where Conan would air at 9:00...and then 11:00...and then 1:00.  I could always get at least the Conan monologue in, which was really what I was watching for.

I also submitted an application to Google and proceeded to have teaching nightmares for the next 4 nights.  This would result in me waking up stressed and depressed, and strangely inspired me to try a juice fast.  I didn't really want to eat, so I figured it would be a good time to try that out.  But then my dreams stopped, I perked up....and now I'm in my 2nd day of my 2 day juice fast.

I do not feel well.  I'm not fasting properly, I don't think, as I don't have a juicer or a SUPER awesome blender.  So I have a headache and feel kind of weak and pitiful.  Tomorrow I will make pot roast in my slow cooker.  And roasted mashed cauliflower.  And maybe some chocolates.  I've been craving those Lindor truffles that explode chocolate goodness in your mouth...

My "fasting" was actually an attempt to jump start my desire to eat.  When working, I would put my food in tupperware and kind of eat without thinking.  I made sure my food was healthy and nutritious, but because there was so little time to actually eat it didn't really matter what I was eating.  I ate for fuel, not enjoyment.  So many years of that has taken away..then enjoyment of eating.

I'm enjoying the last few days of January.  I've told myself I will truly start looking for a job during February, March, and April.  Those are the months I can afford to be a little particular.  The 3 months after that become more desperate :)

I hope I can find something that's the right fit.  That's my main concern.  I want to work with good people, in the end.  Surrounded by goodness.  That sounds nice, right?

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