Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Grammys

I didn't start watching until 9:00 because Once Upon A Time was on.  It's my new show :)  That and Too Cute.

1.) Justin Timberlake....I think I prefer you as an actor.  You seem like a really nice, cool guy.  But who told you that your falsetto was pleasant?  Who suggested you use more of it?  I think you've been lied to.  Stay in the chest voice, man.

2.) I love hearing artists perform live.  It's so much more honest, and you get to find out if they can actually sing.  (surprisingly man cannot actually sing, though they are excellent entertainers)

3.) I have had a prejudice against Alicia Keys after her first album came out and I found out she called it "Songs in a minor" because her name is Alicia and that starts with the letter A.  And no song on that album was in a minor.  And everybody thought she was an amazing piano player because she could play 2 broken chords on the piano.  She can sing, though!...but sometimes she has intonation issues.

4.) Kelly're wonderful.  You're this sweet girl who came from obscurity, and you can SING.  I love your adorable awkwardness.  I think your idea of doing a duet with Adele is brilliant and I would be very excited about that.  You have my support, girl.

5.) Oh Rihanna.  I feel like we're all looking at her thinking the same thing while shaking our heads with regret.  I wish I could listen to her without knowing anything about her.  At the same time, I'm not sure I would know who she was without Chris Brown.

6.) The "end your speech" music came on, and then Jay-Z started talking, and the music immediately stopped.  That's hilarious.

7.)  YAY Lumineers!....wait, where's your cello?  Noooo,,,,,,!  I like Melissa Ethridge very intensely yelling "HEY!  HO!"

8.) Carrie's the first time I've heard you sing.  I don't think I like your music.  But your dress was pretty darn entertaining.

9.) There are quite a few people I think must be very strange to talk to in real life.  Prince.  Jack White.  But that's why I like musicians; we're an odd bunch.

10.) I'm really glad Gotye won, but I wanted Taylor Swift to win just to see Prince hand her the award.

11.) there anything Ryan Seacrest DOESN'T have his hands in?


13.) Whoa, Frank have a cool name but you sang your entire song really really flat with a piano.  It was really flat.  It kind of hurt me to listen to it.  His whistling was more in tune than his singing...

14.) I get a little happier whenever I see Travis Barker perform.

That's it!  Happy Grammys!

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