Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Superbowl

I will admit, I only watched the last 5 minutes of playing time.

The tv was on, and I meant to watch...or at least watch the commercials.  But I was a little distracted. I had a sudden urge this morning to start a new youtube video.  First, I have to transcribe my chosen song.  Enter obsessive compulsive behavior.

My favorite headphones broke.  Bad timing, headphones.

At some point, I realized the 49ers were losing so I turned off the tv in hopes that my abstaining from watching would help them.  When I checked in, the power was off in the stadium.  When I checked in again, the 49ers were throwing the ball into the end zone and a Raven was clawing at the jersey of the poor 49er trying to catch the ball.  That doesn't seem okay.

Some thoughts:

1.) I regret not watching The Puppybowl.

2.) Did a 49er say the f word on live tv after the game was over?  Am I hearing things?

3.) Wouldn't it be awesome if, when asked, "You just won the Superbowl!  What are you going to do now?" a Raven answered, "I'm going to Six Flags!"  Or Harry Potter world?

4.) That was a GROSS commercial.  I do not want to see anybody making out that close up.  Ever.

5.) Who was the OJ person they kept thanking and talking to?  Why is he still going by OJ?  Doesn't he realize that he's not THE OJ...and thus should NOT go by OJ anymore?

6.) I was annoyed that the retiring Raven said that when you have God on your side then you'll win (or something like that).  Does that mean God isn't on the 49ers' side?  It's like when Aaron Carter thanked God for his Nickolodean award.  -_-  (I may have said something mean to the tv when he said that)

7.) Whenever I watch football, I spend half the time trying to figure out where the ball is and who has it.

8.) Are there any Asian football players in the NFL?

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