Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free Concert

The San Francisco Symphony is on strike.

So, in the meantime, they performed a free concert.  Thanks to the power of facebook, I saw a message this afternoon.

The brass, woodwinds, and string section all had their moment in the sun.  I love Fanfare for the Common Man.

But the highlight for me was Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings.  I LOVE this piece.  I've performed it 4 or 5 times maybe?  I've played it (rehearsals and what not) probably hundreds of times by now.  I first played it in 6th grade with Sierra String Ensemble.  I look back and did I do that??  I also played it my freshman year of high school at an All-State Orchestra (CODA) as one of 4 cellists. Then again with my Youth Symphony my senior year.  Maybe at UCLA...I can't remember.  UCI hired me to play it with them.  And Blackbird Ensemble.

I also had my school orchestra play an arranged version of it (but still very difficult) a couple times.  Two groups, in particular, were very meaningful.  I bought them mutes :)  Hearing this piece now makes me nostalgic and sad that it couldn't work out.

Hearing members of the San Francisco Symphony perform this, a mere 20 feet from me, was so awesome.  I'm an annoying person to be with when it comes to musical performances; I sway with the music, I finger along on my arm, I try REALLY hard not to audibly inhale before key moments.  It was so beautiful.  However, it wasn't perfect :)  The older couple behind me were talking about how flawless it was....but it wasn't.  I can't help it.  It's the musician in me.  I noticed the flaws.  But the flaws make it...human, I suppose.  It's also strangely reassuring to know that all musicians, no matter the level, can still struggle with the same basic issues.

I hope they do more concerts!  I will happily attend!

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