Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh Fresno...

I've been in Fresno since Monday, because my sister and brother-in-law (who haven't been here in 2 years or so?) were visiting from the East Coast, and my parents wanted me to come down, too.


Being around my entire family means we all kind of revert to the family dynamics of 1990.  My sister stays in her room.  I get ignored by literally everybody, and when I talk either nobody responds or I get interrupted.  My mom and dad feel all happy, like we're a happy close family, and they dote on my sister.

That's cool.  I went to Target two times and bought...everything.  By everything, I mean soap, a watch for the bus (sometimes I get nervous when that sketchy guy eyes my iPhone), body butter (smells good enough to eat!), more soap, and 2 16-packs of mega roll toilet paper!  I love Charmin and their ridiculous mega rolls.  I bought a giant pack at each Target trip because I can only carry one at a time, and I hate rolling a cart around Target.

I also visited Ulta (there really should be one in SF!) to stock up on random skin care items.

AND, I visited Barnes and Noble.

I LOVE Barnes and Noble.  I love all bookstores.  When I lived in a city with a Barnes and Noble, that's probably where you could find me on a Saturday night.  Yeah.  I'm exciting.  I bought 3 books.  1.) Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior (every time I hear the word "subliminal" I think about how poor George W. said that word incorrectly over and over again in his speech.  "Subliminable" I believe it was.) 2.) Siddhartha and 3.) A Tale for the Time Being.  There is a character named Nao.  I had to buy it.

I also attempted to buy the 2 disc soundtrack of Les Miserables (the newest one, I already have the old one) but they were out.  And I contemplated buying the DVD but couldn't bring myself to pay $27.99 for it.

I'll buy it on amazon.

I could have gotten the books on amazon too, I suppose, but I like the idea of supporting Barnes and Noble.  I want them to stay open.  I also want to start reading something RIGHT NOW and not in a few days.

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