Friday, April 26, 2013

California Academy of Sciences

After 4 hours of sleep, my eyes popped open from a strange dream.

My alarm had been set for 9:45 a.m. so I could eat, get ready, and meet a friend my noon at the California Academy of Sciences (no, I'm not that slow...but I was giving myself almost an hour to get there by bus, and I couldn't remember how long it took me to get ready anymore.  Turns out...getting ready + eating + doing dishes = 45 minutes).  I was awake by 8:45, though.  Odd.

It's my first time going to the California Academy of Sciences and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Thanks to Free Neighborhood Days, the normally $30 entrance fee was waved as long as I could provide proof of residence.  Woo hoo!  I love free things!

I think I was expecting something akin to the Exploratorium.  I'm not sure why.  

Side note: This was the first museum or museum-type building that didn't make me check my backpack or make me hold it in front of me.  Yay!

Rain Forest Dome!
Upon entering the Rain Forest Dome, I got my picture taken, which was fun.  I think the photographer was amused by my koala bear hat.  I then perused the multi-floored habitat.  The bottom two levels you can look at spiderwebs and snakes and frogs.  The upper tier had butterflies fluttering about.  That's when I learned...butterflies like me.  I wasn't even colorful!  I'm not sure what it was, but butterflies kept trying to land on me.  Perhaps it is the same reason that mosquitoes are attracted to me.

After sufficiently observing the butterflies, and trying to avoid unintentionally swatting them away (when something flies onto your head, it's kind of instinctual, you know?) I went down to the bottom to look at the aquarium.

I love aquariums.  They relax me.  Watching the fish swim around made me very envious, and I found myself thinking...I wish I were a fish.  I could swim around and eat and not worry because I would live in a safe aquarium where other fish would not eat me.

To the right is the aquarium tunnel?  That's not the proper name for it, but that's what it was.  As you can tell by the picture, there were tons of little kids running around.  I waited patiently until I could sit down, and it was surreal to see aquarium over your head!

(I ran away though, because more little kids came very quickly.  I guess when you go to a museum on a Friday afternoon, you're going to run into tiny kids, kids on field trips, and tourists.)

This wall of aquarium reminded me of the Monterey Bay Aquarium  except less crowded.  I sat peacefully and happily for a really long time, allowing the fish to space me out.

The funniest part was a grown man, probably in his 50s, walked right in front of the tank, adjusted himself, and then went to go tap on the glass like a 5 year old kid.  Usually you see little ones tapping and smushing their faces up against the glass, but never adults!

There was also the planetarium.  I was super excited, but it ended up not being a space or astronomy-related planetarium presentation.  It was about earthquakes.  While it was super interesting and a little disconcerting (I DO live in earthquake country), I ended up getting a little nauseated by the motion.  While I wasn't actually moving, the fake movement just messes with my equilibrium.  I also can't handle Star Tours at Disneyland for the same reason.  I'm better than my sister, though!  She'll actually vomit on you.

At the end of the planetarium show, I went up the Living Roof to get some cold fresh air.  All I could think was, is this where the hobbits live?  I bet younger people think of teletubbies.  I wonder how many times a day the staff have to hear that.

I took a picture, however, because I was completely amused by the portholes.  It looks magical =)

That's it!  I'm grateful for the free days.  As my need for a job starts becoming more imminent, I'm trying to be extra careful with how I spend my money.  I refrained from buying the extra long pencil (I thought I could use it on my music stand, since I always lose those pencils).  I also avoided buying the weird hoodie that was so ugly it was beautiful.

Maybe once I get a job, I'll go back =)

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