Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

While I was walking to Whole Foods today, I saw tons of people around my neighborhood.  Cars were everywhere, people were everywhere, and then I was the parade!

San Francisco loves their parades.  I...really like parades, but don't really like crowds that much.  Seeing as how I have yet to see a parade, however, I decided to go check it out.  (I DID see some Asian pride parade when I was apartment hunting last year, but I watched from my hotel room confused as to what was going on.)

Fortunately for me, I can just walk to Japantown.  It's a few blocks away, so I really had no excuse.  I could hear the drumming from a distance, and upon getting closer I was relieved to see a fairly large crowd, but not an INSANE crowd.  I nudged myself closer and closer.

I stood next to a guy with yellow shoes (I never looked at his face) who laughed at everything I laughed at, and who said the commentary that I was thinking in my head.  When the...Miss Teen Japan America (or something) came by, he started laughing and said, "There's one guy who's waving really intensely."

There were a lot of little kids who were walking in groups looking confused.  There were teenagers who looked like they did NOT want to be there.  There were a lot of pageanty-type ladies and young women who had a smile plastered to their face, but you could see they had other things going on in their minds.  The best was the Japan Airlines girl who had a mob of friends hiding in the crowd next to me.  When she stood up and turned their way, they popped out of the crowd and screamed for her.  Her smile got a bit tense.  =D

This is a picture of...some kind of twirling of something.  They were yelling something out but I had no idea what they were saying.  One guy with glasses was really into it, and seemed to be really enjoying himself.  That's always nice.  It's so much more pleasant to watch people having fun.

This was the last float in the parade.  It was a tower being held up by people!  These young men were carrying this on their shoulders.  I tried very hard to get a front shot, because it was a sumo-type of attire.  I figure the world doesn't need to see this guy's butt, even though I doubt he'd mind.  At some point, he reached over to get some water, put his leg in the air and bent over.  The entire crowd flinched, groaned, and averted their eyes :)

It was fun to see people in all sorts of costumes.  It ranged from kimono to cosplay to my personal favorite...the lone guy wearing a Star Trek uniform.  I was trying to figure out if he was confused, if he was just excited to have an excuse to dress up, or if he was trying to be Sulu.  It was really unclear.

All in all, it was fun.  I'm glad I had my hat; it was warm out there!

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