Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And I say Hey (HEY!)

Does anybody else watch Arthur?  I realize it's a show aimed at little kids, but I've been watching it since high school.  My sophomore college roommate and I used to watch it when we came back from classes.  (I was also into Kipper, a Nickolodean show aimed at 3 year olds.)

George is my favorite character.  I identify with George the same way I identify with Neville Longbottom.  We're all characters where comically yet consistently odd and unfortunate events seem to us.  We all just sigh and shrug, used to it.  I also think we have a pretty good attitude, considering.

George has his dummy, I have Senor Snuffles :)

Though, to be fair, when I was a teacher I really wanted to get this puppet called Gustav Mole (a joke on Gustav Mahler)  Every time I saw him in music magazine (and I received them monthly) I'd get excited and have a little debate in my head.  I'm sorry to say I developed a voice for this puppet and everything, and I laughed at the idea of using him in class.

I never did buy him.  I realized that would make me Mr. Garrison and would make Gustav Mole Mr. Hat.  That's....unacceptable.  I did not want to be THAT teacher.

Of course, I was the teacher who popularized mustaches.  Seriously.  It was me.  I started it.  4 years ago, or so.  It was a teaching device and insanely effective.  But that's a story for another time.

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