Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

This year, since I do not have a job, I didn't buy my mom a present.  Actually, I rarely buy her presents for mother's day because she never really wants anything and is trying to get rid of all clutter anyway.

Instead of buying a card, since I have a whole lot of time on my hands right now, I thought I'd make her a card.  When I was little I made cards.  Even when I was in college, I made these intricate giant cards on manila folders.  This one was made out of simple cardstock and I used sharpies and colored pencils.

Front of the card

Inside of the card

The front card has orchids (I know they don't really look like orchids), roses, and a hummingbird.  My mom has recently become somewhat obsessed with the hummingbird in the backyard and likes to point it out about ever 10 minutes.  =)  She also LOVES flowers, and is completely jealous that my orchids regrow.

Anyways, I called her this morning and it turns out she loved the card!  Hooray!  I'm glad to report that it's still awesome to make your own cards, even when you are in your 30s. 

I think this also means I have to make a homemade card for my dad come Father's Day so he won't feel left out.  :)  It's a lot harder to draw a clarinet, though...

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