Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How Many Resumes?

Earlier this year, I created myself a Google resume.  I screencapped the top of my Chrome browser that conveniently had links in the bookmark bar to various Google products and services to use as my header.  I created the bulk of my resume to look like search results from Google, including a picture in the corner of my Google+ page with all my pertinent contact information.  The footer showed I was using the Chrome browser.

Yes, I thought I was pretty funny.  Yes, I still do.  I wish I could use it for everything, though I somehow doubt that would fly.  Apparently, Google also doesn't find me altogether amusing.

At the end of this month, which would be...Saturday, I'm going to start applying to other places.  Well, Monday, realistically.  Maybe.  But in preparation, as I am a person who likes to be prepared, I've begun creating different themed resumes.

I don't even know if I'll actually use them.  At this point, I'm rather enjoying the creativity involved with trying to mimic the format of a company.  Today, I created a Facebook resume and an Apple resume.  This includes looking up the companies' fonts so that I can accurately recreate their typeface. (I did this for Google, too.)  I'm using colored fonts.  There are pictures/icons.  It's all very amusing and satisfying.

Of course, I probably should create a boring run-of-the-mill resume; one that would work for any company for any position.  That seems so boring, though.  ::: YAWN :::  My funny resumes bring me a little joy, and they really do express what kind of person I am.  I don't particularly want to camouflage myself as "normal" (or "boring" in my eyes) with a "normal" resume.  That's pretty misleading.  At least I live in a city where there is no normal :)

Even when I applied for my teaching job 9 years ago, in a very conservative field in a very conservative area, while my resume wasn't particularly amusing or thrilling, I made sure to wear a bright and colorful shirt with my formal suit.  I had to let a small part of me sneak in.

I don't really want to "sneak in" my Naokoness this time.  Though this time, I don't think I'll have to...

We'll see.

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